Chance (8 Dec 2019)
"This Is NOT a Coincidence"


Hello John and Doves,

It is NOT a coincidence that the President of the United States is being impeached while the Prime Minister of Israel has been indicted and unable to form a government.

The Democrats have been after President Trump for three years, since he was elected.  He has survived numerous investigations and accusations over these three years.  The Israeli Attorney General has been after Prime Minister Netanyahu for three years - Netanyahu has survived numerous investigations and threats of indictment over the same three years.

Until now.

So why now, after three years of investigation, both at the same time - one up for impeachment, one indicted?

We have the largest Christian nation in the world, the primary defender of Israel, and the only Jewish nation in the world - with their peoples divided, their governments hamstrung.  Effectively pushing America towards a civil war and a battle in Congress for control of the country.  Effectively leaving Israel in chaos and uncertainty in it's leadership and government. Both countries facing major challenges to their democracies.

President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu have both called these attacks on them as 'attempted coups'.  This is NOT a coincidence.

I believe that Satan knows his time is short - he needs to get everything in place so he can jump right in on Day One of the Tribulation - he only has a few years to 'destroy Israel, to destroy the Jews, to destroy mankind and set his throne above God's'.  Things take time...and he's been very busy taking apart America and Israel from the inside.

Pelosi has announced that the Democrats in the House are proceeding with articles of impeachment for President Trump.  No more investigations, witnesses, no open session, no debate!  Israel's Attorney General has formally charged Prime Minister Netanyahu with corruption.  Both political systems have been pushed into turmoil as power struggles continue.
President Trump has been used by God to expose the evil in this country. Prime Minister Netanyahu has been used by God as the longest serving prime minister of Israel.  Both were put in positions of power for such a time as this.  This is not about Democrat vs Republican or Likud vs Blue and White...this is about All of Us vs Powers of Darkness.  

Are we getting so close to the Gog War or the start of the Tribulation that these things are happening NOW?  JD Farag sums this up nicely in his latest, most excellent MidEast Prophecy Update on December 1, 2019.  I have it linked below.

JD Farag talks about Trump and Netanyahu being in the way of Satan's plans - "They gotta go.  How are we to get rid of them?  Oh, let's indict them and let's impeach them. They are in the way of our plan."

JD goes on to say that "If the verdict comes in...and it's without Netanyahu as PM and /or Trump as President - if that happens, and it very well could, I believe it could usher in The Man of Sin, aka the Antichrist. Two strong leaders...what if they are taken out of the picture?...That's the perfect storm, prophetically, for this charismatic leader to arise onto the scene..."  We know the Antichrist will set up a one world government, one world economy, and one world religion.

JD said the Church needs to be removed before the Tribulation starts...and, he added, that President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu are in Satan's way too and so they need to be removed before the Tribulation starts.

He asks: Could it be that we are on the cusp of the Tribulation? 

JD said:  "The powers of darkness know how high and eternal the stakes are. Wish to God that more Christians did. The devil knows there is not much time left.  Wish to God that more Christians knew that."

For this to be happening in these two particular countries at the same time is not coincidence.  I do believe that we are indeed on the cusp of the Tribulation (or very close to the start of the Gog War, if it comes before the Tribulation).

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!


(135) Bible Prophecy Update December 1st, 2019 - YouTube