1 Cor 10:31 (8 Dec 2019)
"So, it's very near time for the Lord Jesus to come...."

… and does the world in general have the first clue?  DO THEY CARE?  Nope and NOPE!!


Instead, it’s also Christmas time & they’re whiling away the time (rather than redeeming it!)  playing stupid games like “Dirty Santa”.   This is what my DH’s [catholic] family is doing anyway & I rather expect they’re not the only ones.  Look, if we were going to be on this planet for another 1,000 years – then why not have a little fun & frivolity to go along with the festivities.   But we’re NOT going to be here another 1,000 years!!!   Is this what you WANT to be doing when the Lord steps out on the cloud?  Is this something pleasing to Him?


I’m all for fun – within boundaries of course, and as long as it never takes the place of the Lord!  (it does for many people!!)  Again, referring to 2 Timothy 3.


At any rate, for the past handful of years, I’ve had serious misgivings about Christmas anyway – and no, I’m not going all Jehovah witness on you!!  Nor am I turning legalistic with the whole idea.  It’s just something I’ve personally been searching out.  Perhaps time will allow for me to share more next week – as I must zip this to Tng as he will be publishing within hours.


The thing I’ve noticed (on various sites)  is the ones who are adamantly against keeping or celebrating Christmas – well, some 97% of them are truly legalistic – going as far as saying you’re going to hell if you celebrate Christmas.  OUCH!!!!  I’m certainly glad God is our judge & those site owners are NOT!!!!   But over time, I’ve come across at least a couple sites that speak against it, yet do not appear to be legalistic.  I hate legalism.  I’m just trying to do what pleases the Lord!!


I do not think people who celebrate Christmas are going to hell.  I’ve known some MIGHTY FINE Christians who celebrate it!  (or did in the past & now reside in heaven)!!


I know all about the pagan practices, the pagan origins, etc. etc.  But tell me just WHAT in this world does NOT have pagan origins?  Hardly anything!!


No.  The part that gets me more than anything is when people – uh, Christians – refer to Jesus as “the birthday boy”!!!!   Purely sacrilegious!!  No respect for Him at all there!!  Even if they think they are just having some lighthearted fun.  Regardless of how THEY feel about it, it’s downright disrespectful!!


And guess what everyone?  God (and Jesus IS God, too)   DOES NOT HAVE A BIRTHDAY!!!!!   He ALWAYS WAS & He will forever be!!!!   Again, as I get time, I can show from the Bible where Jesus was with God FROM THE BEGINNING of time.


Now I “get it” about celebrating an earthly birthday – but since He’s not on earth any more, He does not have a birthday!  [it was never Biblically recorded that His earthly birthdays were observed/celebrated anyway]

Since He does not have birthdays, it’s ludicrous to say happy birthday to Him or sing happy birthday to Him or even to bake “Him” a cake. 


Speaking of birthdays:  interestingly that the Bible records only 2 people who threw birthday parties – and they neither one were godly nor Christians!  One was Herod, the other was Pharaoh. IN FACT, they both KILLED someone during their party!!  ….. sound like the kind of party any of us would be interested in attending..?!  I’d hope not!


At any rate, again I’m not going the way of JW or anything – not at all!  For the time being, we do still keep Christmas around here, we just don’t go overboard!  Merely a few simple decorations are enough.  My husband loves the music.  I like the time to be relaxed & calm as possible – let everyone else go crazy at the stores or with their stealing from others, et al.  I personally choose to not do parties – even DH’s family “dirty santa” I’m going to boycott.  Just not my thing!!  Also I cannot stand the talk about “the magic” of it and/or santa, etc. etc.  [RE: Hallmark channel’s theme]


I’m in my ‘60s now…. funny though, even as a little kid I never had much interest in santa!!  Though my dad tried to push the idea to me!  And even played the part himself one year.  My dad was a high degree mason & I’d expect masons to have interest in celebrating the sun god, Ra & all the fluff & santa lies which go along with it….  ‘nuff said…


Let me state emphatically that I will not agree with EVERYTHING on this site I’m presenting!!   Even so, I think this particular essay is very interesting:




We’d all be wise to seek God and ask Him what we can do which will be pleasing to Him!  And then find the answers in His Word.