Randy (30 Dec 2018)
"How I look at the possible timing of the Rapture going into 2019"

TIME Driven vs.....EVENT Driven?

Up until now, My/our focus has been on TIME Driven Events......trying to use mathematics connected to the RE-Birth of Israel in May 1948.  

I've seen a few VERY GOOD analysis of timed events starting from May 14, 1948......adding 70 years.....that would have taken us to 2018, or Jewish Year 5778.
(It is even more complicated than simple math......and the details of that analysis was really, REALLY good!! 

And....of course.....NOTHING happened.  Not in the Fall of 2015, or the Fall of 2016, or the Fall of 2017, or the Fall of 2018.  UGH!!  

In my opinion, those date-counts were SO GOOD.....we just have to be "on overtime" as we wait for the Rapture and the Return of Jesus Christ.  

Am I disappointed?  Sure.....yet, NO DATE was EVER a "SURE THING" in my opinion.  I always said:  I/we.....could be wrong!!  And we were.

Soooooo……...where do I go from here?  

Gosh, Events in the world sure continue to be a huge mess, don't they??  
Israel - enemies on all sides.
The Middle east..... what problems.
the USA exiting Syria.....WOW.  And that leaves (exactly according to Bible Prophecy) Turkey, Russia/Syria and Iran.....the kings of the north and the south!!!!……..surrounding Israel. 

And events in the USA...…..what a MESS politically!!!!

President Trump....the ONLY person who would have EVER proclaimed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  (Hillary sure wouldn't have done it.....we know that for SURE!!)  
And Trump is under so much attack...….from everywhere!  (Well, he doesn't do his case much good by attacking literally EVERYONE......Democratic, Republican and his own staff.....etc, etc.

And the next 12 months are going to get even WORSE!!!  NOw that the Democrats have taken the House.

And then we have the Economy and Stock Market:
We have entered a Global Recession.
We have just entered a US BEAR Stock Market......and the World Markets are about there as well.
2019, the USA is headed for a Recession.....probably.....

YET, the Bible says "at the time of Christ Return.....things will be 'Normal' …...buying and selling of goods, marrying, etc...."    Thus, there will NOT be a world-wide Financial Crisis just before Christ's Return.

Add it all up......and the Rapture and Christ's Return still appear very VERY Near.

The guys at Rapture Ready are saying that again and again and again these days.  

Things sure seem so very near.
Trump's Peace Plan seems ready to be laid out in the next 2-3 months.

Netenyahu has dissolved the government and called for Elections in early April!!   He will certainly WIN, but the election will become a REFERENDUM on who is FOR the Peace Plan and WHO is NOT!!!  

So….……………...could the Rapture be driven by this Peace Plan?   (Even if the timing doesn't seem as "perfect" as it was for the Fall of 2015, or the Fall of 2018??)

Thus, could the Rapture be driven by the EVENT of the PEACE PLAN????  

If so, the next 3-4 months, just before Easter......could get interesting.

And if NO Rapture by Easter...….the year ahead looks like a National and Global MESS.....any way you want to measure it.

I've said before.....If no Rapture soon......how much worse will the world have to get before it happens??

I started saying this over 8 years ago....and LOOK how much worse the world HAS Gotten!!  

USA Politics.
World Politics - especially Europe.   
The enemies around Israel are getting stronger and closer than ever:  Lebanon and Gaza with thousands of missiles that can now reach EVERY part of Israel!!!  
This USA pullout from Syria, leaving a land bridge from Iran to Syria, to Lebanon, to Turkey.  With Turkey, Russia/Syria and Iran all ready to COME TOGETHER!!!  ..

No one could ever convince me that THAT THIS IS NOT "the " generation that will see the Rapture and the Return of Jesus Christ.
And.....only the passing of time WITHOUT the Rapture......can convince me that the time is NOT very near.

Tic Toc….

Living this life....(because I still have to do that...….)  ……..but watching every day......I can NOT wait for God's plans to unfold upon this earth!!!