Neil Lipken (30 Dec 2018)
"Federal Reserve Bank Colludes with Deep State to Crash Stock Market The Millennium Report"

This is an excellent article!   The "Federal Reserve" is neither "federal" nor "reserve"!   It is a private group of banks and they run the U.S. economy, and the world's for that matter.   And they hate President Trump who is a nationalist who wants to bring America back!   The FED wants a global government, and to get rid of President Trump at all costs!    George H.W. Bush, Slick Willie Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obummer were all lackeys of the Deep State / New World Order / Federal Reserve.   President Trump is not!   And so there is a war going on within our government.   The liberal mainstream media (ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, etc.) is totally controlled by the Deep State / New World Order, and they have run a hate campaign against President Trump to convince the naive American people that he should be removed from being President, and even serve prison time!   The globalists want to get back to their agenda of forming a global government.   President Trump is standing in their way for the time being.   Once he is gone (one way or another), they will continue their aims.   And make no mistake about it, there IS coming a global government after the Rapture, and it will be headed by the antichrist!