Lori Fiechter (30 Dec 2018)
"poem: Earth Veil from Isaiah 25"

I am fascinated by the word picture of “veil” in the Bible, especially in Isaiah 25. What will we be able to see when that veil is finally removed?

Isaiah 25:7-9

We cannot see it
we cannot pierce it
we cannot cast it off

but it exists--
a thick, globe-encircling
that blinds
and darkens
and enshrouds
keeping us pressed
to the temporal
so that we cannot perceive
the eternal

But one day
 on this mountain
on Zion
In His presence
the veil unravels
and death itself
is engulfed
into nothingness

Faces and fingers
will point upward
to the Man upon the mountain
upon  Zion
a breathless rumble of voices
swelling and surging in unbridled joy:
“Look! It is the Lord!
We have waited
We have hoped
and He has come!
We knew He had not forgotten us!”
Liberated from the dark veil
that dulled our spiritual senses
we can see clearly now
we can see face to Face now
and we will bow
and every knee will bow.

Lori Fiechter Dec 26, 2017