John B (30 Dec 2018)
"Is the rapture an imminent event or not?"


I have been one of the 5Doves community for over 20 years. We in that community have shared with each other and possibly the world all manors of Christian beliefs, all manors of anti-Christian viewpoints that we found and posted, all manors of strange phenomenon that we believe are end time signs whether they be weather anomalies, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunami's, etc.

We have posted all manors of dreams, visions, personal testimonies and stories from around the world.......but the main focus of the Doves site..... at least from my perspective...... was always the rapture of the church.

Many of us were focused on plugging in information that kept us (excitedly) fixated on a goal. And that goal was trying to determine the season, year, month or possibly the day of the coming resurrection / rapture of Christ's church.

Consequently our speculation of the rapture has spanned from this feast day to the next and the next and the next. We have gone from one celestial event to the next and the next and the next. We have gone from this strange weather phenomenon to the next and the next and the next. We have gone from this seemingly convincing scriptural argument to the next and the next and the next. Even from this mathematical or bible code to the next and the next and the next.

If one steps back and distances one's self from this thought process it almost appears that we could be construed as a cult.....a rapture cult. We have been (for many years) addicted to the idea that the rapture could happen at any second and have been obsessed with discerning and capturing the moment.

One of the prominent beliefs in our community of Doves is that the rapture is imminent and could happen at any second or fraction of a the twinkling of an eye. This belief has held us on the edge of our seats and in great anticipation for many many years. Almost weekly someone seemingly comes up with new information that keeps us not only on the edge but also glued to those seats. How many major watch dates and events have come and gone over the years? Tooooo....many, causing many Doves to be greatly disheartened. Many families have been negatively effected by other family members looking on them / us as “kooks”as I have seen written about on the site.

Do you really believe that God intended for this to be the case and there to be this much confusion and anxiety concerning this topic?.......or has Satan once again managed to shuffled the deck on us......with His half truth dis-information campaign?

I have.... I guess for all these years gone along to get along. I believed that the rapture was imminent because the overwhelming majority of the so called bible scholars promoted that idea. This notion seemingly was settled..... poured in concrete so to speak. Very few ever question the notion of an imminent rapture event. And you certainly could add me to that list... I certainly wrote about and promoted it....that is, until last week.....last week I set out on a task, a task to prove one way or the other if the tribulation period lasted for 7 years or 3.5 years. What I found was way way more than I had anticipated or thought I was going to find. Not only did I find the answer to that time duration question but I believe I was also led to an overview of the whole end time scenario including (of course) the rapture of the church. What I found was not an “imminent rapture event” but an extremely well organized end times plan that happens to contain the rapture along with many many other pertinent pieces to the scenario.

Now that I see the “literal” biblical overview of the end times it's like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I now don't have to try to “keep up to speed” (so to speak) on the latest and greatest rapture theories that are being promoted in the Christian community on a weekly / daily basis. It's an extremely liberating feeling for sure.

I now know exactly when to expect the rapture. For before it can happen the Christian church falls away in apostasy and the man of sin, the antichrist will appear on the world stage .......exactly as scripture describes it in 2 Thessalonians 2:3.

Also, the two end time witnesses will have to be present on the earth exercising their ministries worldwide before the rapture happens. This is what scripture indicates.

Question.....Where is there any scripture that indicates the rapture is imminent? I can find none. Does our transformation from mortal to immortal happen in the twinkling of an eye? Yes, when it happens that will be the case but is that change an imminent event from what scripture relates to us? No

Hold on, stop the presses.....aren't we, the church, taken in a fraction of a second to then show up in heaven in Revelation 4 as all these bible scholars have parroted for all these years? No....for when one takes a closer look at scripture....... that's not the case at all.

When you look at Revelation 4 or 5 do you see we Christians there? Absolutely not.

We see John the Revelator being called up for a tour of the throne off heaven. Who do we see present there with John? We see the Lamb, Jesus. We see He who sits on the throne, God the Father. We see four living creatures. We see 24 elders. And we see untold millions and millions of angels.

Do we see listed or is there one word mentioned about “a great multitude which no one could number”ie: the church? No there's not.

They, the scholars, say...... that these hundreds of millions of raptured people are represented by the 24 elders because these elders are dressed in white robs.... right?? they are not.....these 24 represent themselves only. No where is there any inkling that we are they.

Well then.....Is there some great oversight in biblical verbiage that these hundreds of millions of raptured people are not found definitively listed in Revelation 4? No, no oversight at all.... because the church doesn't show up in heaven at all at that point...... in Revelation 4......that's why they are not listed there.

It's obvious when we indeed do show up in heaven because there is then great biblical press coverage (so to speak). The exacting wording and biblical press coverage is depicted in Revelation 7 and the rapture event detailed there is not from some mysterious imminent snatching away....... but from a well planned exactly calculated series of events that have to be executed by many at a definite place and time and happen as one of the results of the sixth seal being opened.

I could go into ten pages or fifty pages to explain this well scripted event / process but I just did that last week in the three posts I sent to 5Doves after literally getting a huge download from the Lord.

In those three posts I go into the amazing story line depicted in Revelation, Zechariah, Daniel and many many other areas of scripture that paint this exacting end times picture which includes the rapture.....which is not imminent and but will occur on schedule almost half way through the 7 year tribulation period.

I will re-post below the three articles that I wrote last week which explains the amazing end time adventure that awaits all of us whether we be the dead in Christ, the alive in Christ or the resurrection of the whole house of Israel as presented in Ezekiel 37 where hundreds of millions of Jews are also resurrected.

When one grasps the real end times scenario all the gray areas we presently ponder about are gone and a clear picture of what awaits us is revealed.

I certainly realize that a change of theology after all these years of being indoctrinated with an imminent rapture scenario will cause much blow back. But I truly believe that an honest look at these applicable scripture verses which are involved will result in you coming to the same conclusions that I did. If you do then the burdensome mental weight of a sudden catching away will be gone and you can just watch, watch, watch. Just as He instructed us to but not for a sudden catching away but for the great apostasy of the church, the arrival of the man of sin and the arrival of the two end time witnesses who will be present for 3.5 years and will also witness our rapture event from Jerusalem before they are killed and raptured themselves.

Here's the links below from last week that will hopefully shine a great light of biblical truth on the whole end time scenario for you. It's an amazing story based completely on what God's Word states. Since I wrote last weeks posts I have come across other areas of scripture that also agree with what I shared with you.


The duration of the tribulation period......7 years or 3.5?


When does God's Wrath Begin?


Where will we be physically on the day we are raptured?


If you disagree with what appears to be clearly written in God's word concerning this whole tribulation period with all of the characters and events that it entails that I just wrote extensively about or you believe I grossly mis-discerned those scriptures which indeed paint a distinctly different picture of the end times than you are used to......then, I certainly would welcome your feedback.

This whole new tribulation period story line which I had never been exposed to before or have I seen it written about is sure to cause many to re-examine many bible passages in an effort to prove or disprove its validity. And that is a good thing......a great thing. That people like Bereans study and analyze the word.

I believe you will find as I did an extremely exciting adventure awaits us all when we are gathered by God's angels to Jerusalem mid-trib to be bathed in the blood of the Lamb and then rise to meet Jesus in the clouds there above and over the new security zone which will have been established there. All of this witnessed and attested to by the two end time witnesses who are present there in Jerusalem just prior to their deaths.

Blessings Doves...........John B

PS....These two end time witnesses are called witnesses for a reason......they will witness something. They witness the Church accepting Jesus as their Savior by washing in His blood at Jerusalem in the new river with living waters. And they witness the transformation from mortal to immortal of these same people as they rise to meet Jesus in the clouds above Jerusalem.

If these two were just to preach the gospel for 1260 days....which scripture states they do.....wouldn’t they be just called end time apostles or preachers or teachers? I believe the most important part of their 1260 day ministry will be at the end when they attest or witness for us at Jerusalem. Tradition has it that we have two witnesses when we are baptized. It appears to me that we will also have two witnesses when we are baptized and wash our robs in the blood of the Lamb at Jerusalem.