F.M. Riley (30 Dec 2018)
"Save the Children!"

Come, Lord Jesus,
O Come and
Save the Children!
                                                                                             By Pastor F. M. Riley
                                                                                             December 26, 2018
     "And Reuben answered them, saying, Spake I not unto you, saying, Do not sin against the child; and ye would not hear?  therefore, behold, also his blood is required," Genesis 42:22.
     "But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in Me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea," Matt. 18:6.  
     I love babies and young children!  I sometimes see little ones toddling after their Mom or Dad in a store, or some other public place, and they are so cute and loveable, and so sweet, and innocent,  I would like to sweep them up in my arms and tell them how much they are loved.  Of course I don't, for one doesn't take a stranger's child in their arms without the permission of their parents.  
     But as I look at these little children, my heart also grieves for them.  In this present evil world, they don't have a dog's chance of growing up and becoming  mature adults who will be a blessing to others. Most of these little children will never be taken to a Bible believing church and learn about the Lord Jesus.  Most of them will never hear their parents pray, or read a Bible, or be taught about God or the Lord Jesus,  who loves them even more than I am able.  
     And sadly, many of these precious babies and little children will never live long enough to grow into mature adults.  Why not?  Because of the abuse they are suffering at the hands of their parents or others.......
On the Five Oclock News
     Where I live, the mainline TV news comes into our little town from the huge metropolis of St. Louis, Missouri.  This huge city is one of the most wicked and violent cities in America today, and perhaps in the whole world.  Every single day the news reports at least one murder, and sometimes five, six, or seven in one 24 hour period.  Always robberies, muggings, rapes, beatings, child molestations, etc.   I mean no offense to true believers presently living in St. Louis, but I wouldn't live there if the authorities would deed the whole city over to me.  And they won't, and I don't want it.  
     Folks, in this crime cursed city of St. Louis,  in just the past six months,, it has been reported on the evening news:  
A Brutal Rape
     No, I'm not talking about the rape of some woman, which is today a common crime that occurs often all over this nation.  
     Rather, I'm referring to the bruthal rape of a three month old baby girl in St.. Louis, raped by her own daddy.  The baby girl was so torn up inside that she later died in the hospital.  This crime would probably have never been reported, and the baby's daddy would have gotten away with it, except that our gracious Lord God arranged for the next door neighbor to be near enough to hear the screams of that precious baby, and she knew something terrible was happening to the child,  and called the police.  
     When this was reported on the news, I broke into tears crying in deep sorrow for that tiny, innocent, helpless, abused, and murdered baby girl.  And yes, I was made to wonder how many other precious baby girls have suffered a similar fate in this wicked nation we live in today?  
A Terrible Knifing
     Another report on the St. Louis evening news several weeks ago...  A six year old boy was being brutally knifed by his father.  Of course he was screaming, and asking his daddy why he was doing this?  
     Right at that time, the Lord arranged for a relative to come in the front door, and stop the knifing.  But the little boy was so injured that he died two days later.  And yes, I cried when I heard the report.  That little fellow had just as much right to live as his wicked daddy did!  
     Of course his daddy was charged with murder.   But so what?  The courts and judicial system are so corrupt anymore, that they dispense sentences and fines, rather than dispensing justice.  The news actually reported that the man's lawyer thought  the man might receive a twenty year sentence.  Sick!   
      Mass Genocide
     My dictionary defines "genocide" as, "the systematic killing or extermination of a whole people, race, or nation."  
     This is exactly what the hypocrites comprising the Supreme Court of the United States "legalized" in the Roe vs Wade case in 1973.  The cold-blooded, premeditated MURDER of the innocent unborn.  
     Since that time to this present day, according to those who keep the statistics, there have been some 65 million innocent, unborn babies put to death by their uncaring parents or guardians right here in America.  I am writing this on December 26th, the day after Christmas.  There is no doubt in my mind that some of these  people who  had their babies aborted are "religionists," who likely also celebrated the birthday of Christ yesterday.  Talk about hypocrites!  Today as I write, there will be some 5,000 innocent, unborn babies killed in the slaughter houses of America; you know, the places called "Abortion Clinics."  Sick!  
     I often hear from people who tell me how great America is, and how it has been a bastion of "freedom of worship," and how missionaries have carried the gospel of Christ from this country to other countries all over the world.  Surely, they say, God will never allow  America to be destroyed!  Barf!  Barf!  
      Such wicked willing ignorance is part of the problem in America.  There has been enough innocent blood shed in America since 1973 to fill the streets of every town and city in America with blood.  And are Americans really so stupid they think the Lord God is overlooking all of the murders of the innocent unborn?   Any reader who believes that the Lord God is overlooking these brutal killings of innocent unborn babies  going on every day in America, is not serving the same God I am.  My God doesn't approve of murder, regardless of the age of the person being murdered.   Are you listening?
      "The wicked shall be turned into Hell, And all the nations that forget God," Psalm 9:17.   Bye!  Bye!  America!  
Another Depraved Murder
     Again on the evening news out of St. Louis, a report of the police arresting a man who literally beat a 20 month old child to death.  But that wasn't sufficient to satisfy his blood lust.  He then placed the child's body in a large kitchen vessel, and put it in the oven of the stove, and turned on the gas.  I don't know whether he intended to actually cook and eat the child or not, for the police broke through his locked door just after he had placed the child in the oven.  Once again, the Lord God had arranged for a next door neighbor to hear the screams of the child, as it was being beaten to death, and called the police.  They arrived in time to save the body of the child from being literally cooked in the oven of the stove.  
     Yes, I btoke down and cried like a child, when this report came over the news.  O Lord God, has mankind reached such a low level of depravity that they will commit such heinious crimes against their own innocent little children?   O Father God have mercy, and send our Savior to take His people out of such a world as this has become!  
And Death by Starvation
     America is a land of plenty!  America's grocery stores are crammed full of every kind of food for the people to purchase.  There are cafes and restaurants on nearly every street or corner, where people can eat.
And today nearly every town and city in America has charities and soup kitchens where the poor and homeless can go and get a good meal, or get bread and canned food to take with them.   
     Then why, as reported on the evening news out of St. Louis, should a nearly three year old child starve to death in America?    Yes, the police arrested the parents of the child and charged them with murder, and endangering the life of the child.   How did the police find out?
     For three days a neighbor heard the child crying, day and night, and begging for food.  And then total silence!  That is when she called the police, for she felt something tragic had happened to the child.  
     Yes, I again wept tears of sorrow when this was reported on the evening news.  How could parents, or even guardians, be so cruel as to deliberately starve a little child to death?   My only answer is the demons of Satan dwelling in the hearts of wicked people today.
The American Justice System
      In God's inspired Word, when a man in Israel had committed a crime worthy of death, that man was PUBLICLY executed before the entire congregation.  In the early history of Israel, all executions were carried out by the people attending the execution literally stoning the criminal to death.  This was alway done PUBLICLY.  And many times it was done right on the spot, when people saw an evil crime being committed.  Why?  So those observing the execution  could learn that there are consequences for those who choose to live in sin, wickedness, and rebellion.   
     The American justice system has almost become a joke.  Early in the history of America, those committing crimes worthy of death were also executed PUBLICLY.  But today public executions are long gone;  a thing of the past.  If one listens to the reason for stopping public executions,   the claim is made that public executions in the past had become more like carnivals or parties.  When a public execution was announced, hundreds of people would show up to watch the execution, and there would be drinking, laughing, gambling, fighting, and etc.  So, instead of imposing quietness and crowd control, the authorities decided to stop all public executions.  Now executions for any crime are very rare.   
     Today when a criminal is executed, it is done in absolute secrecy, with the crimnal being executed in some special room in a prison, away from the eyes of the public.   And then it is announced by the news media that such and such a criminal was executed.  Ho Hum!  
      The people have learned absolutely nothing from this type of execution, other than "don't get in trouble."  If you do, you might be executed, whatever that means.  
      Dear readers, why is our nation in the immoral mess it is in today?  Listen to God's inspired Word.......
     "Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil," Ecclesiastes 8:11.    
       Something tragic  has also happened to America, and to it's people,   and it is still going on today.   America today is one of the nations which has forgotten God; the God who brought this nation into existence. Even many "professing Christians" today have become mere "religionists." They "talk" a great Christianity, but no longer practuce it  Church buildings all over America are only half filled, or less, for the Sunday services, and many sit empty and abandoned.   Daniel 2:20-22 is still in the Bible, and so is Psalm 9:17 and Jeremiah 30:11.  
     A great prophet of Israel once cried out to His apostate people,
     ".....Prepare to meet thy God, O Israel," Amos 4:12.
     I look around today, and I see the wickedness and utter depravity of the people living in what was once the greatest and most blessed nation on earth, and even though I make no claim to being a prophet,  my very soul  cries out.......O America, Prepare to meet thy God.....      
     But also I see the abuse being heaped upon the babies and little children of the American people, the failed marriages and broken homes, due to the unfaithfulness of one or both of the parents.  Thus  robbing the little children of any sense of stability and security,  and the love of both a Mom and a Dad, and  my very heart cries out.......
     O come Lord Jesus, and save the babies and little children.....
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