Fay (30 Dec 2018)
"Garry B - Bang on the Money"

Gosh, Garry. What a brilliant and clear explanation re the 70th week. So simple yet missed by so many. SO obvious yet it was hidden from view. All my niggles and doubts have disappeared. It's not easy spitting against the prevailing wind - going "rogue" and insisting on a different interpretation because of what one sees and feels. It's like hearing a conversation and being told you heard it wrong or witnessing a car accident and being told you saw it wrong. Like you, I am not "relying on my own understanding" but am relying on scripture.

Add this - your amazing insight - to the fact that the ME Christians have been suffering tribulation for 7 + years now, I believe that it has become so very clear.

Recent events - politically speaking - indicate the nearness of the rapture. We are going home soon. Hurrah!