Rene (27 Dec 2015)
"re: JULIA -- "questioning the 15 year old's vision""

It is amazing, that being a Christian, you expected this secular Jewish boy to have a complete "Christian" experience when he was clinically dead for 15 minutes. You also said that the boy said that Messiah is here on the earth, which isn't true.
I BEG TO DISAGREE WITH YOU! Messiah IS present on the earth right now, just as that child said. He is present in the form of the Holy Spirit (the comforter) in the temples of millions of born-again CHRISTIANS on this earth right now.  His flesh and bone body is physically SEATED at the right hand of his Father in heaven!
Natan said that many, many people know Messiah right now,  but we  (the Jewish people) will be SURPRISED that he is Messiah, which is also exactly TRUE. I KNOW Messiah and millions who have died before me and millions who are alive today KNOW Messiah! We KNOW that Jesus is our Messiah. And the Jews WILL be surprised when they find out that YES it was Jesus all along! They will MOURN for him as if mourning for an only son, when they discover, to their amazement and SURPRISE that the one that they have hated thru the centuries, the one that they crucified, truly WAS and IS their Messiah. They will ask him where he got his wounds in his hands and his feet from and he will tell them that he was wounded in the house of his friends!!! If this child had come back and told the 50 or so rabbis and Orthodox Jews who listened to him give his experience that he saw Jesus and that Jesus is Messiah, every one of them would have laughed him to scorn and stomped angrily out of the room! As it is, they listened very intently to every word that he spoke. He spoke of doing acts of kindness, of being HOLY. Well, God said, Be YE holy, for I am holy. I believe that Natan could very well be one of the soon-to-be-sealed 144,000 Jews, who, during the Time of Jacob's Trouble, will go throughout the world preaching the gospel of the Kingdom  - that the KING is returning! During the 7 years of the Time of Jacob's Trouble, once again salvation will be by following the LAW. It will be grace plus WORKS!  The Church will be gone and the age of GRACE will be over with.  This is why Natan saw many people in heaven dressed in what he said was "nice clothing," but he was ashamed of his clothes. They were torn and blood-stained. Natan is not saved. At 15 though, he has reached the age of accountability. He is still dressed in the filthy rags of self-righteousness and guilty of the blood of the Lamb, just as ALL OF US ARE and WERE before we accepted Jesus as our Savior! When his life was reviewed, he kept saying how embarrassing and awful it was for him. He was asked repeatedly, "why did you do that?" "why did you do this?"  He was experiencing the review that many unsaved will undergo at the Great White Throne Judgment. I believe that the reason this happened to Natan is that THIS IS A MESSAGE from Almighty God that the Church is about to leave and the Age of Grace is about to end; that the 7 year Time of Jacob's Trouble is about to commence!  During the Tribulation, you are saved by grace PLUS works, just as mentioned in the book of James, a book written to the TWELVE TRIBES SCATTERED ABROAD. During this Time of Jacob's Trouble, you must also NOT take the mark of the beast, or worship the beast or his image.
I've seen people LAUGH at the fact that Natan said that Messiah could SMELL whether people were holy or evil. What is so funny about that? All Christians are supposed to be a SWEET SAVOR unto God. Is it so strange that an unsaved person would NOT have this "sweet savor," and would give off an offensive odor to God, especially noting the fact that in his eyes, they are covered with filthy rags?!  Can someone please tell me what "filthy rags" smell like? Putrid.  Why do you think that demonic spirits are called "UNCLEAN spirits"? It's because they are filthy, dirty, disgusting - and they have a horrible STENCH to them.  Just ask anyone who has ever had the experience of being in the occult and regretted letting these unclean beings into their lives because of it! I believe that God is WARNING the world through Natan's experience that the age of Grace is closing fast! He is using every means necessary so that none will be lost.  This lad saw hell and very few of the orthodox Jews listening to him had ever believed in hell. Well, maybe now they do! His experience may have put enough of the FEAR of God into them that they will search the scriptures and find eternal life through their true Messiah. MANY Jews already have and they are called Messianic Jews - Jews who believe in JESUS! 144,000 of them will turn to Jesus during the Time of Jacob's Trouble. Perhaps Natan will be among their number. Perhaps God has already sealed him as the first among 144,000.