Gerry Almond (27 Dec 2015)
"Prepare to meet thy God"

December 26, 2015

Beginning with his speech on all three major networks "to the world" on Oct 29, 2008, in which he promised "change", our President Barack Obama entered the dark side of the world of prophecy.  He stepped forward as the antichrist of the Bible.  He began the 70th week of Daniel's prophecy at that moment or no later than 5 days later when the American electorate put him on tap to be the next President of the United States of America.  Why America?  Because is was two things:  It was God's chosen nation, founded by Him, to spread the gospel to the world, and to protect Jews in the future.  It was to be a shining Christian light among the nations of the world.

The "change" that Barack Obama had in mind is to extinguish that light, and to "change" America to a hedonistic, God hating nation.  God provided a tetrad of blood moons to mark out this time and to alert modern Israel and the U. S. to the danger that Obama posed.  Thus, He, God, positioned the 70th week of Daniel's prophecy to occur during this time.

So, in due time, God called Israel back into the land of its forefathers. As He promised Abraham and his seed FOREVER, God kept His promise. Disobedient, ungodly, yet the very apple of His eye, they are back home. The deal was done May 14/15, 1948, and their capital city, Jerusalem was returned to them as well, this time on June 7/8, 1967.

But the story begins after 1,827 solar years of dispersion, just as God promised for their rejection of His greatest mercy, their Messiah. After many days, that is 667,318 days, finally the Holy Spirit moved a man named Theodor Herzl, a Jew living in Great Britain to form the first Zionist Congress, which aimed to return Jews to Palestine. The first day of the Congress was August 29, 1897. Through statesmanship, and the accident of world war, he accomplished the herculean task of getting what he wanted, but more importantly, it was what God wanted. His work brought forth the Balfour Declaration in 1922, and later, after the second great war of the world, it brought forth reborn Israel. In January 2011, God put it in my heart to compare the days of Noah to the experience of modern Israel. Using the “sign of Noah” that Jesus declared in Matt. 24 as the guide, I felt the need to count the same days that Noah had and apply these days to modern Israel. The count came out this way:

Aug 29/30, 1897 adding 120 “Noah years” of 360 days each came to Dec 7/8, 2015, Chanukkah.  The total days involved are 43,200.

This made the 70th week of Daniel's prophecy apply, probably, to the end of the count. So, I looked at the prophecy. It consists of one “week” of years, that is 7 “Noah type” years of 360 days. That is 2,520 days. It is further divided into two equal counts of 1,260 days. And then added to it is first 30 days and then 45 more days as found in Daniel chapter 12. Altogether, therefore, the count is 2,595 days. I felt it reasonable that the end of the last 2,595 days of the 43,200 days would be the 70th week of Daniel's prophecy. I have not changed my mind about it.

The 43,200th day landed on Dec 7, 2015 with Chanukkah beginning at sunset that day. I speculate that Daniel 9:24 which ended with “bring in the most Holy” would not be Messiah, but rather the temple or some major thing of the Jews.

So, I looked further. The 70th Week prophecy ended Sep 23/24, 2015. That was the Feast of Atonement in 2015. The final blood moon of the aforementioned tetrad of blood moons occurred on Sep 28, 2015, the Feast of Tabernacles. That is 5 days. There were 5 days from the speech of Barack Obama on Oct 29/30, 2008 until his election on Nov 4/5, 2008. But, there are two concerns about adjusting the 70th week prophecy by this 5 days. These are:

The mid point, or 1,260 and 1,261 days after the beginning on Oct 29/30 turned out to be Apr 11/12, 2012. On these days, two slip earthquakes of humongeous proportion occurred signalling the center point, I believe. There was nothing 5 days later.

The end point of Dec 7/8, moved 5 days comes to Dec 12/13, and that is inside Chanukkah but is not particularly significant. It is, however, correspondent to the lighting of the temple in the Feast of Tabernacles, if the two were overlaid.

So, I hold to the original. On Sep 28/29, however, a young land named Nathan, a Jewish boy of 16 with no training in Torah learning died clinically for 15 minutes. During this time, he said he was in heaven, but in a peculiar place (which would befit an unsaved Jewish person, I believe). He was given understanding of coming events for Israel, and said these events, horrific though they are, would come in a few weeks or months. That was in September, and this is written December 26, 2015 .

Jesus was born on Christmas day, December 25, in the year 00AD. We celebrate December 25 each year in the Christian churches and I believe this to be our last one.

There remains 42 months of God's judgment on this civilization. It appears to be an added time and not part of the 70th week of Daniel's prophecy.  It is going to change the world forever and usher in the everlasting Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Dear reader: The purpose of this post is to declare to you my belief that time for the faithful and true believers is indeed up. The Philadelphian Christians will soon go home, but the Laociceans will remain for a little while.  But the wicked are in for the most awful time of their lives.

Please prepare to meet thy God.


Gerry Almond