David Daughtrey (27 Dec 2015)

 David Daughtrey  : To all Doves and Friends : THE LAST RAPTURE TIMEING CLUE YOU NEED

   Every year we hear this promotion over and over THIS YEAR, THIS YEAR etc . Here is the clue

that's been over looked and not paid attention to. All we hear is watch for peace treaties, gog

mag gog, and the lists grows.  The Lord said when Israel becomes a nation  , that generation

will not pass  ,he will come and take his bride before the tribulation. The big question is how

long is the generation, I've watched the 40 year theory come and go from May 14 1948 . So

now it leaves 70 years generation theory, so now it becomes 1948 to 2018 for the final generation

before he comes. But that is still wrong. Remember the bible says the mind of man is not the mind

of God. Type in Israel 1947 and read . Israel was decided upon  and the boundary line drawn out

of a land called at that time Palastine. In other words it was decided  and planned ( conceived ) 1947

dedicated like a birth certificate in 1948.  In Gods eyes ,life begins at conception ( 1947 ) + 70 =

2017 . He also said another sign was when Jerusalem was removed from the control of the gentiles

and back to the Jewish hands . That was you know 1967 war, that was also the beginning of the last

50 year Jubilee which  lands on the same year 2017. I don't know about you but I don't need any more

theory. Don't get caught up with who's going to be president in 2017 or worry about isis attacks

if you really believe the words of God  He's in control. I really like the date of pentecost  the start

of the church age myself,    God Bless All Of You              Brother David

Thank You  Brother John  for Faithfulness in Jesus Name