Leon (28 Dec 2014)
"Randy; The Equation"

Randy: The Equation

Thank you for bringing brother Malcolm Insted's book 'The Equation" to my attention. I too missed it when it was referenced here on the 5 Doves.


I ordered it immediately and could not put it down.


He opens up by explaining the Master Key, the Greek verb 'EIDO' meaning to know and how it has been misinterpreted. It is used in the past perfect tense.


As Malcolm illustrates Jesus' words in Matthew 24 "But of that day and hour no one has known(past perfect tense} until NOW (in a present tense). Even Strong's defines it this way. In spite of that most of us have been programmed to believe that we cannot know the day or the hour. That is not what Jesus said.


I recall our dear sister Marilyn Agee writing about this some years ago. It caught my attention then and it immediately came to mind in reading Malcolm's book.


I have been a devoted watcher since 1972 when on a cold winter night on a business trip, alone in a motel room, I read Hal Lindsay's book The Late Great Planet Earth all the way through.


I have seen a number of promising dates come and go. Feeling disappointed but not dejected I always defaulted to the Doctrine of Imminence. However, something always told me that we could know the date of our blessed hope and that we just needed to find the key. Brother Malcolm may have done it.


Some may be off put a bit about how Malcolm was led to undertake his study establishing the date of September 15 2015 as our blessed hope and that may, in part, be why his book is not widely known. Regardless of that, I find his calculations to be credible and worthy of an objective review. The math he uses is arithmetic and not of the exotic kind found in the hard sciences.


I am further trembling in anticipation of this date because I have seen more than a few unrelated signs also pointing to it.