Charles Holler (28 Dec 2014)
"Jovial vs. Bramlett eg Newton"

Greetings John and Doves,
     Jovial responded to Jim concerning Issac Newtons mathematical contemplation of The Second Coming of Christ and the date it would happen. When Newton died they were astonished to find more writings about the Second Coming than all his writings on math and science combined....over one million words total. One of the dates Newton used was 800 ad when Charlemagne became ruler of the Holy Roman empire. If you added 1260 years in non-sabbatical years it would be 2060ad. I am convinced that since Newton went to the trouble of not only speaking Hebrew but Ancient Hebrew ....he would have used 360 day years in his calculations. I don't have access to his one million words so I just did a few calculations around Charlemagne as Newton seemed to believe he was a key. Daniel gave us three numbers 1260, 1290, and 1335.Here's the thing about setting dates, because of the 24 different time zones it's always 3 dates at the -747same time.When I checked this the other night it was 5:15 am central time Monday morning, it was also 11:15 pm Sunday night on some Island, and 12:15 am Tuesday on the other side of the world by Australia.Three days at the same moment in time. Anyway back to the point. Charlemagne was born April 4th but no one is sure of the year (742- 747) When I used 4-2-744 and 360 day years it was 464,400 days to Tabernacles 2015. I can't tell you how unique it is for this kind of accuracy, think of it .....464,400 days to get 1290 years to the day (9-30-2015)......and only 7 days after Yom Kippur , within 2 days of the last Blood Moon ( when it's 3 days on any given day). These fall Feasts are mirror images of the Spring Feasts and Jesus fulfilled all three of those in rapid succession, Something is going on and if you haven't seen my last two videos please do. I'll put links in below. Keep looking up , pray fervently for your loved ones and to be able to escape what is coming.
Charles Holler Sr