Pastor Bob (9 Dec 2013)
"Dragnet for 666"


It is important that no one access HealthGov.Com., or any of the state exchanges, or play around with test of the kiosks being placed nationwide.  Pay attention to what I am about to share.
500 of the SoloHealth Stations are going in Sam's Clubs
2500 of the SoloHealth Stations are going in WalMarts
20,000 will be in place by end of 2014 nationwide.
Wherever you have a high traffic location such as CVS, Rite Aide, Walhgreens, Krogers, Safeway, and other pharmacy locations, you will soon find the SoloHealth Station.
The important thing to remember is do not play around with the station to test it out, etc.  The system requires a person to enter personal data before anything takes place.
Once they have your data, you cannot escape the dragnet.  When you give them personal data, including your email address they have a connection to YOU!
Mike Adams, the Health Ranger at Natural reported weeks ago that the Affordable Health Care Bill was totally VOLUNTARY.
He explained that when the Supreme Court ruled on the constitutionality of the Obamacare bill, it applied ONLY to the matter of whether it was a tax or a fee.  The Supreme Court's ruling was a 3-part ruling. The media reported the S.C. ruling as being constitutional.  However, the Court's ruling did not overturn the fact that the Affordable Care Act was totally VOLUNTARY.  This fact was not reported on by the media, as Mike Adams noted in his post weeks ago.  If you read the S.C. ruling on the health care bill you need to read the entire Court ruling, namely parts 2 and 3.
Mike Adams stated they government was seeking to build a data base of names, ssn's, bank accounts, addresses, email address, phone numbers.  Whether one signed up or not really did not matter once they have a connection to YOU!  By getting your data, they can come back to you later to put the squeeze on your for signing up, fining those that do not sign up, etc.  Fines can only be collected through your income tax refund.  Since most people have more taken out over the course of the year, in order to get a big refund, they got you.  The fine goes up each year to where it begins to bite big time.  To prevent them from fining and collecting it at tax return time, one should avoid having a big refund.  You can do that by not taking the big refund option.  Increase your dependent claim on your W-4 and skip the big refund.
Remember, once you have attempted to investigate out of curiosity the various state exchanges, the Obama site, or even try to use the white/blue kiosks, they have your contact data.  Until you do that you are an unknown to the  At some future date when the noose is pulled tighter the government has everything they need to track you down.  Don't even play with the kiosks being placed all around the nation.
When the Bilderberg Group met in Chantilly, VA, back in June of 2008, Jim Tucker reporter for American Patriot News said they planned to microchip the world on the pretext of 2 things:
    1. Anti-terrorism
    2. Health Care
While the Health Care Bill is still voluntary, without the "Chip" you will be denied health care.  So the government used the "carrot or stick" approach to get total compliance.  What parent would be so cold-hearted to deny his children medical treatment because they don't have the "Chip"?
If you don't get a "Chip" as part of the health bill there is another blow coming that will catch people in the dragnet for 666.  The time for the "Chip" being implanted was from March 21, 2013 through December 31, 2017.
If we are still here by that date, and if you haven't received the chip (voluntarily of course) by that date, the final nail in the 666 metaphorical coffin will get us.  I'll save that for part 2 of this report.
Pastor Bob