Gerlinda (17 Dec 2013)
"A Hidden Book that God Does Not Want Hidden Any Longer"

Dear Doves,
For centuries we have had this most revealing book kept out of the whole Word of God by those that did not want us to know what they knew.  Knowledge is power and they wanted the power.
Every minute of the 60 minutes I have listened thus far of Enoch is mind-boggling. The teachings of the Fallen Angels that we have had concerning their mating with the daughters of man is absolutely true. Listen to this and find out how these Fallen Angels realized what they had done and used Enoch to petition the Lord for mercy and the Lord's answer to them and what their sentence would be.

Lately, we are hearing more and more about the portals of heaven. Enoch tells of the three at the East, three in the West, three in the North and three in the South,. These are the portals that the stars of heaven enter and leave their positions when they are called to duty. You see, that is the sin that the Fallen Angels first committed. They refused to answer to their call of duty and rebelled.

I will be getting back to the rest of this tomorrow because of it's length but I want to share another thing that Enoch was shown. He saw a ever-moving fire that never ceased and asked what that was. It was in the direction in the West. Have any idea? It is the Ring of Fire of which there is an increasing amount of activity as we come closer to the End of Days.

It is an amazing education....this Book of Enoch.....the speakers voice is clear, deep and constant; no wasted speech.

Oh, as I leave this audio at the 1 hour mark, I also learned something I would never have guessed but you should listen to it all and see if you notice for yourself this revelation.

It is no wonder that this was kept hidden from the people.