Gail (20 Dec 2013)
"That polarization greatly amplifies- Isaiah 17 is here & mid-trib is around the corner"

Polarization happens when people become divided into opposing groups, and it's happening all over the World.
Israel gets ready for 'short, sharp war' against Hezbollah
Israeli generals are preparing for a decisive- and probably brief- war against Hezbollah, one of Israel's most implacable foes, with plans to smash the Iranian-backed Lebanese movement's military power.
Iran, Syria smuggling weapons to Hezbollah through Iraq
Iran and Syria are reportedly smuggling weapons to Hezbollah through Iraqi airports, to avoid IDF attacks on weapons convoys crossing the border from Syria to Lebanon, Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Seyassah reported.
Early in May 2013, Israel launched strikes into Syria targeting missiles intended for the terror group Hezbollah.  The missiles reportedly came from Iran.  Syria has pronounced these acts a “Declaration of War.”
Hezbollah Accuses Israel of Killing Commander in Beirut
Hassane Laqees, a major player in the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah for three decades, has been assassinated.
Hezbollah accused “the Israeli enemy” of targeting him and said Israel would have to “bear all the responsibility and ramifications for his death.”
And who will be capitalizing on anti-Israel, anti-U.S. sentiments as the conflict with the Jewish State unfolds?  
The lying Qataris with their muslim mouthpiece-
Oct.9th, 2013
Everyone should know where Al Jazeera America stands- right under the thumb of the Qatari princes. Their media agenda is focusing mainly on the failures of the United States rather than its successes, reporting very biased stories now made plain for all to see.    
Egypt Deports Al-Jazeera English Language TV Crew
September 1st, 2013
Last week, Egypt's interim government called Al-Jazeera's local Arabic language channel a threat to national security and ordered
it closed.  Al Jazeera's reporting goes largely uncensored and helps enrage extremists in Arab audiences the world over.
We aired lies’: Al Jazeera staff quit over ‘misleading’ Egypt coverage
July 10th, 2013
Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based, Qatar-founded and Qatar-controlled mouthpiece for one of the Arab kleptocracies in the Persian Gulf, has suffered a mass resignation. Twenty-two journalists who worked for Al Jazeera quit in protest after being told by their Qatari masters they had to support Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood
The Qatari-owned media company Al-Jazeera saw 22 members of its staff in Egypt resign on Monday over what they have called was “biased coverage” of the events that unfolded in Cairo Egypt last week.
Al-Jazeera correspondent Haggag Salama was among those who resigned, accusing the station of “airing lies and misleading viewers,” Gulf News reported Monday…
Journalist Abdel Latif el-Menawy, who was head of the Egypt News Center under ex-president Hosni Mubarak, said that Al-Jazeera is a “propaganda channel” for the Brotherhood.
“Al Jazeera turned itself into a channel for the Muslim Brotherhood group,” They are far away from being professional.”
According to The New York Times reports on Qatar, they are engaged in a high-stakes game of influence against moderate muslims and consistently backs hard-core Islamists, including the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda–linked fighters.
Al Jazeera Caught Airing Fake Death of Muslim-Brotherhood Protestor
August 20th, 2013
 A supposedly dead protestor was filmed and broadcast earlier this week on Al Jazeera.  The arab man in question can be seen clutching what is described as a gunshot wound, however, when the man’s hand is moved it becomes apparent that he has not been injured.  The supposed dead man, is then caught obstructing the view of the camera, when he effortlessly re-positions his legs to block it.”
U.S. General warns muslim extremism is Getting Stronger
Former U.S. Army General John Abizaid spoke at the 13th International Conference on Terror (ICT) on the topic of “The Global Impact of Terrorism.” 
Abizaid said that the the Middle East facing today's threats is no longer defined as a Middle East of Iran to Egypt, but that there is a much wider geographic context to consider now, which includes North Africa and Indonesia, for example.
He said that at times it is difficult for the American public to understand and relate to the new “lexicon of the battlefield.”  
Remember the recent massacres of innocent people, carried out against what terrorists call soft targets
Gunmen in Kenya mall shooting targeted non-Muslims to kill ...Sep 23, 2013 The gunmen responsible for killing nearly 70 and injuring more than 175 in the Kenya mall massacre and hostage situation targeted non- Muslims who couldn’t recite passages from the Koran, witnesses who escaped said.  
students were shot dead as they slept in a suspected terror attack by Muslim extremists in Nigeria.
In July 2013, in the town of Mamudo, Islamists threw explosives and sprayed gunfire into dormitories in the middle of the night, killing 41 students.
In June 2013, Boko Haram gunmen shot dead seven secondary school students and two teachers in Damaturu.
The military has described the recent school attacks as a foreboding sign that Radical Islamists are increasingly trying to hit soft targets.
All over the World, muslim unrest, leading exactly to where I said- 'the time of Jacob's Trouble,' 42 months, it's coming up. 
Pilot's Union warns of 'dry run' by possible Terrorists on U.S. Flight
A memo from the U.S. Airline Pilots Association, which represents more than 5,000 pilots who fly for US Airways, cites "several cases recently throughout the airline industry of what appear to be rehearsals, or dry runs, to test our procedures and reaction to an in-flight threat." 
On Sept. 2nd 2013, a flight from Reagan National Airport in Washington to Orlando, a "Middle Eastern" man rose from his seat and sprinted toward the cockpit, before veering sharply to go into the forward restroom, according to the memo. While he was in there, sever other men moved about the cabin, changing seats and going into overhead bins, it says.
Many times I pointed to the EU Superstate that's coming.
The phrase 'superstate' doesn't denote 'a great union,' but rather, one that is Militarised.  Europe is set to repeat history and embrace fascism. 
What is French President Holland warning about that's coming to Europe right now?
The Win by Far-rights could paralyze all of Europe in their next Election.
"Next May the European parliament could be for a large part composed of anti-Europeans. It would be a regression and a threat of paralysis," Hollande warned.  He warned of the twin threat to Europe from the forces of "nationalism and populism." 
Isaiah 17 starts a long and bloody descent into religious strife the World over
God Bless,