Rene (20 Dec 2012)
"FINE the gun manufacturers"

This has to be the stupidest, most bizarre new plan that the radical left EVER HATCHED. Now they are yelling about suing and fining gun manufacturers when one of THEIR guns is used in a serious crime! WOW!!! Now, THAT REALLY takes the cake, does it not?  I mean what is next?
  • Allow law suits and fines for car manufacturers when someone buys a car, then uses it for a hit-and-run?
  • Allow law suits and fines for plastic garbage bag manufacturers when someone uses one of the plastic bags to suffocate a human during a crime?
  • Allow fines and law suits for bow and arrow manufacturers when someone uses one for a weapon to kill someone, and they HAVE used them as murder weapons before! (Same for pillows!)
  • Allow fines and lawsuits for the manufacturers of KNIVES when someone uses a knife in a felony?
  • Allow fines and lawsuits for the manufacturers of hammers when someone bludgeons another person to death with a hammer?
  • Allow fines and lawsuits for the manufacturers of chainsaws and axes when someone uses one as a murder weapon?
  • What about pitch forks? Every farmer owns a pitchfork. What if he uses one ?to kill someone? Does the victim's family get to go back and sue the company that made the pitchforks?
  • What about TAZERS? If a tazer kills someone, can we now sue or fine the tazer-makers?
  • What about lasers? (Where does it end, folks?)
  • What about people who kill other people with bombs? Are they going to go back and sue or fine the ones who made the ingredients that were put together in the bomb?
  • What about a nail gun? A B-B gun? A screwdriver? An Ice-pick? A sickle?
  • If someone turns their gas stove on and blows up their neighbor, are they going to allow the victim's family to sue whoever made the stove?
  • What about prescription drugs? If someone kills with drugs, do they go after the pharmaceutical company that made the drug?
  • If someone commits a murder by injecting another person with a drug overdose, are they going to allow the surviving family members to sue the company that made that particular drug?
  • Are they going to allow the people killed by the "Fast & Furious"  gang to sue or fine the U.S. government? Because it was U.S. government officials responsible for this heinous and much COVERED-UP crime!
When is it going to get crystal CLEAR to people in this idiotic world that guns, knives, bows & arrows, cars, hammers, jeeps, saws, shovels, axes, pillows, and plastic do NOT kill people! People kill people! This is the same idiotic reasoning that is used to sue a bar owner if someone comes into his bar, gets drunk, then gets in a car and kills someone. What do they do? Sue the bar owner! Shift the responsibility for the crime to the man who owns the bar instead of the man guzzling down the alcohol!
If someone really wants to kill someone else, new gun laws are not going to stop them. They will find a way to do it. Cain killed ABEL and he had no gun to do it with. That was the FIRST known murderer. The Bible tells us that the antichrist will use PEACE to kill MILLIONS! God is the master of irony!
But this world is going totally nuts! You can no longer reason with them! When God said, "Come, let us reason together," they thought HE said "go out and do your own thing!"