Rene (20 Dec 2012)
"Rapture Watch site - get it right pls."

I saw the article on "Rapture Watch" website about warning people not to watch the Dark Knight movie, but I could not believe that the narrator kept referring to Benghazi as BA-gazi!  (baaaa-gazi?) Don't they realize that when they can't even say the right word (by the way, the correct word has been all over the news now for WEEKS!!!), how much it takes away from the CREDIBILITY of their entire statement??? If you are going to talk about a major news event, please don't discredit your entire article by such an awful gaffe, and we're all human. We ALL do this, but  they have such a beautiful web site - they should at least go back and correct it.
I hear the same thing when people get on the air and talk about news events and how they relate to the Bible and they say words like:
apostles and pronounce it apos-stills or ---
blasphemy and pronounce it blas-pheemie
The secular news media had a heyday with President Bush because he pronounced the word nu-clear   ----  as
nu-cular. IF anyone should KNOW the right way to
say THAT word, it should be the U.S. President!