Randy (31 Dec 2012)
"Another GREAT Article by Winfred Hahn - an Econimst who understands the Last Days Dynamic"

What Values and Virtues without God?
Lures of Monetary Immorality
http://www.raptureready.com/featured/hahn/h87.html   (The better of the two articles....but both are good!) 
Mr Hahn ranks right up there with my FAVORITE End Times Writers......like the guys at Rapture Ready and others.
I could not agree more with what he/they have to say about the times in which we live and how more and more events, including the Fiscal Cliff, the National Banks all around the world buying up their nations' debt load, and how that MUST one day (soon) become a huge balloon ready to pop.
Mr Hahn uses some of my own words, in the second article,.....and part of my ideas........
Example:   (I've said it for a couple years......"everyone in Washington is just kicking the can down the road"  NOTHING has been fixed!!
If anything, the ultimate crises and collapses will be worse than they needed to be, due to the many techniques used to kick the proverbial can down the road.
These are deep problems of a moral nature that secular governments are ill-inclined to solve. What, therefore, is the solution? Apparently, the answer is very evident. Policymakers are looking to central bankers to come up with the fixes and/or deferrals. We are stunned to consider that any knowledgeable policymaker could actually believe that the “monetary wizards” who run central world banks and other financial transnational organizations can implement policies that will solve problems that are moral in nature. This would be patently ridiculous…to use fictitious money (itself immoral) to solve mankind’s moral deficiencies.
As such, we are inclined to believe that something very opposite will occur. Central banks will pursue even greater “monetary immorality.”
In my words.......Politicians are turning to the nations' Central Banks (like our Federal Reserve)  TO SOLVE THEIR PROBLEM of OVERSPENDING!!!    UH OH!! 
QUOTE, again....
Just as societies can change their popular views with respect to new fads and morals (no one makes a big deal about long hair and facial piercings anymore these days as was once the case), it is also this way with the accepted norms of monetary protocols. This changing of the “monetary morals” is already well underway. Many do not see this as they assume that central banks will someday unwind their interventions.
(My comment....this is a HUGE mistaken assumption!!) 
Moreover, they are blinded by the accepted conventions of central bank accounting.
FOLLOW THIS-----------------------------------------
To demonstrate this last point, consider this question: If the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) buys up U.S. treasury bonds, is the debt-to-GDP ratio of the U.S. actually being lowered? We “predict” yes. How so? It will be an enticing solution. Consider the mechanism. The Fed pays for the U.S. treasury that it buys with new created money. It simply adds a liability to its balance sheet and shoves money out of thin air into the banking system. The cost of capital for the Fed is virtually nil and yet it now collects the interest payments earned by holding the U.S. treasury bonds. What happens to this income? It is added to the profitability of the Fed. At the end of every year, this central bank transfers its profits to the federal government.  (I did NOT KNOW this!!!!) 
What has happened? The interest cost of this debt has been lowered to the U.S. government (effectively, getting it rebated back). And, if the Fed never again sells down its treasuring holdings (maintaining them at the same level), isn’t this virtually the same as lowering the U.S. federal debt burden? Yes, so it will be perceived. It would be the equivalent of these bonds being retired. Yet, the accounting convention of the central bank will be to still show these bonds as an asset. What you see therefore promotes a structural illusion.
If global economic torpor and deflationary demand shocks continue, we would expect even more treasury bond purchases by the Fed (this applying to other central banks as well…i.e. the ECB). Why wouldn’t policymakers propose retiring massive amounts of government debt in this way? This would appear to be so much more pleasant than intolerant austerity policies…so seemingly painless. Of course, this perception couldn’t be more wrong, though surely alluring and easily pandered.
My comment:  Just a week or two ago....I "hypothisized" that what if, one day, the US Government passed a law saying 'the US government will no longer PAY interest on the bonds HELD by the Federal Reserive.  HEY.......if the PROFITS from the Federal Rreserve Bank are paid BACK to the US Government at the end of each year, then in effect I WAS RIGHT....and it is ARLEADY happening.
IF interest PAID on US Government bonds held by the Federal Reserve, thus ADDING to the profitability of the Federal Reserve Bank......and the Federal Reserve Bank then PAYS that interest BACK to the US Government...........in essence, THERE IS NO INTEREST BEING PAID OUT TO US GOVERNMENT BONDS HELD BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE....and then,
As the article sufggests..
AND.....IN FACT...
WE ARE.......AREN'T WE?   CERTAINLY....WE ARE SEEING THIS.  More and more WITHOUT END...right?   
Holy cow......    what a great article!! 
Every central bank in the world is BUYING UP their nation's bonds...WOW!
TICK TOCK....................................
The first article suggests that even the fall of the Roman Empire was caused by:
1) Moral failures...........and
2) Public policy MONETARY Failures.
Mr Hahn points out that in the end, the "amount of silver in Roman coins was lowered."
In other words....... 
1) The Romany currency was NO LONGER backed by as much SILVER as before.  Hmmmm.......remember when the US came OFF the Gold Standard, to back the US Dollar in the 1970's????? 
2) You can infer that WE ARE DOING EVEN WORSE to our US Economy...and thus to the WORLD economy......by ALL OF THE LEADING COUNTRIES "printing money" by using the central bank to buy up government bonds WITH NO MONEY really being paid to buy those bonds.....
Hmmmmm...can you say "death spin?"   AS in an airplane that goes into a spin, and with each successive 360 degree spin, the spin gets tighter and tighter and faster and faster......
Mr Hahn says "All of the problems we identify today are the direct consequence of past choices and unwise policies."  (Each decision makes the spin tighter.....and faster"
THUS...TICK TOCK!!  The domioes are ALL LINED UP!) 
" If anything, the ultimate crises and collapses will be worse than they needed to be, due to the many techniques used to kick the proverbial can down the road."
I strated this post with the intent to just post the link to the articles.....
But, I got INTO THIS......
Over the past 40 years......did the monetary and political policies of the United States "really" cause the US Stock Market to go up as it has from a DOW Jones level of 2000 in 1987.....to around 13,000 now?    Or have they just "juiced" the system again and again and again????  If the answer is "juiced" ........   what happends with the party ends??
I believe it ends when?    Just AFTER the Rapture.
My Hahn makes the case that the End.....the Rapture.....MUST be SOON!!
I hope so....
PS......Mr Hahn's prediction:
There is one further step that could follow in this slide, and that is to have central banks directly buy the debt instruments of governments (i.e. circumventing the route of buying them in the open market). We would not be surprised if Japan were soon to adopt such a desperate policy.
and then......
Our conclusion is this: Long-term developments look challenging and grim. As such, we are inclined to believe that the downhill slide of “monetary morality” has not finished its course given its many willing complicitors. But, the ultimate fall-out cannot be avoided. We think that all of these current and future developments are very unfortunate as none resolve the underlying problems but rather only redirect their impact to a more deceptive and unsuspecting path, thus “kicking the can down the road” toward to even greater disruptions and crises.
1) Expect BIGGER Econmic problems......(ah, the airplane spin analogy!)  and
2) Doesn't this sound like    BIRTH PANGS!!???
(I did NOT proof this before sending...I hope it makes sense to those who were diligent enought to read it all the way thru...GOOD FOR YOU!!  lol)