Mary Haas (20 Dec 2012)
"Re: Phil's Post on the Sandy Hook Massacre"

Hi John and all Doves......and Merry Christmas to everyone.  May we all be spending next Christmas around the throne of our Lord and Savior, holding hands and singing praises to Him!

Phil, I had never heard of Tia Sharp so I looked her up online.......very tragic and sad.  Have the police discovered yet exactly what happened to her and why?  I also did not recognize the names of the two little cousins that were murdered in Iowa, although I do remember a news story from a few weeks ago about the bodies of two girls being found there.  Again, very tragic and sad......and it doesn't appear that the cause of death has been definitely determined as of yet.  Anyway, are you thinking that these murders could have been blood sacrifices of some kind?  The little cousins went missing on a Friday-the-13th (July). 

I find it interesting also that the Dark Knight Rises theater massacre in Colorado occurred exactly seven days before the opening ceremony of the London Olympic games, and the Sikh temple massacre in Wisconsin occurred exactly seven days before the closing ceremony.  I am absolutely certain that both the opening and closing ceremonies were satanic rituals on a mega scale to announce the arrival of the NWO and to unleash the chaos and carnage that is planned by the elite upon the world.  Unfortunately, even though these rituals were unabashedly in-your-face proclamations of their evil intents, the world in general sleeps on......people are far more concerned with William and Kate and Brad and Angelina than they are about what is about to be unleashed upon them.  And since last Friday, the news is non-stop about gun the NWO elites can slaughter unarmed people a little more conveniently, I guess.  To which I might add that the Connecticut shootings on December 14th are exactly seven days before the Mayan calendar supposedly expires.  Hmmmmmmm

There is, however, some really good news coming in now.......Obozo has been named Time's Man of the Year because he "is both the symbol and in some ways the architect of this new America".  Yep, and it's an America that is now unrecognizable .

Mary Haas

Mary Haas
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