Mary Anna (31 Dec 2012)
"Paul N. F. (29 Dec 2012)   "LOVE NOT THIS WORLD""

   "Love Not This World" is a hard one since our entire existence seemingly depends on this world until we become a born-again Christian.  (We automatically gravitate to what supports us...this world!)  The Lord God Almighty created this world but when satan fell from grace to it, it became a world of sin and despair.  We are the temporary dwellers and until we accept God's Son, Jesus Christ to Save us, we remain satan's captive and in fact, helpless waifs.  Once we KNOW we are children of God, we are not subject to satan any longer.  We are in God's Hands in His Holy Family.  We look forward to living with Him and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in Love, Joy, Peace, and Happiness on high in Heaven.  We "Love Not This World"!  It's not our home!  Thanks & Glory to God in the Highest from Whom All Blessings Flow.  Even so, Come Lord Jesus!  We watch & wait!  You are our God, defend us O Lord! 
Mary Anna

Paul N. F. can attest to this since our Lord Did called him to His eternal home with Him a few years ago.