JR (20 Dec 2012)
"Guests Wanted!!"

The Kings' Proclamation!
7 to 8 billion people wanted IMMEDIATELY: to fill wedding hall/supper, do not bring gifts, attendees will receive, full
perfect new glowing bodies with crowns and attire, eternal food and water will be provided by living trees,complete with individual houses located
in a heavenly city, that you may stay in forever if you wish.
 Following the lively wedding dinner party/meet and greet of seven years, you will be provided with a brilliant white steed to attend a viewing of A
Real King in action, as He and His armies will defeat their enemies in the first of two military events. After the first vanquishing, attendees will be
offered power to rebuild His Kingdom with Him, to His exact specifications, whereupon one thousand years later the final military feat will be
witnessed, when He, and His armies will again be prov-en victorious over the final battle and never again will there be anymore conflicts or
challenges for ever, and ever, and ever!!
 For all those wishing to provide these invitations to others, it is not a prerequisite, but I myself would humbly  ask that you pass this out to at least
two people.
Please simply ask  the potential attendees to read this, and that they would  ask for forgiveness of their sins
from This King, whose name is Jesus Christ, and believe that He has shed His blood for them to be offered this invitation to forgive and invite them
to this event.  Please feel free to join a local church or go on line to five doves, to continue to learn more about this fascinating offer!
For those who respond, see you very soon, for those who delay, see you little later.