Jim Bramlett (14 Dec 2012)
"A Christmas gift for you"

If this is a duplicate e-mail from another mailing list, please disregard

Dear friends:

Thank you for being my friend in 2012! 

May you have a very blessed Christmas, as we observe Jesus' birthday!

As an appreciation for your friendship, please accept this gift.  It is a copy of one of my books, titled "The Power."  It is available at http://www.choicesforliving.com/book/The-Power-1.pdf (in .pdf format).

May it enlighten you, inspire you, and bless you, and may God use it to infuse His power into you and fill you to give you a totally victorious new year.  We concede nothing to the devil, and proclaim thanksgiving to God who always causes us to triumph!

God bless you,


P.S.  If you cannot view a .pdf document, here it is in html format: http://www.choicesforliving.com/book/the_power.htm.