Jacque Neff (1 Dec 2012)
"Awesome miracle/testimony for encouragement!"

Hello Doves, 

I wanted to share with you an amazing miracle and testimony that happened in my family not long ago. 
My son, and son in law were both employed with the same employer. Well when the economy started getting tough, they let them go. They both have 7 young children between them. They both have a strong relationship in the Lord as well. My son is street evangelist, preaching and singing, and my son in law has a street ministry witnessing and feeding the homeless (of which my son is also involved in). "Salt on the streets".

Anyway, they both were trusting in God to meet their financial needs. My son had been blessed to have experience in several fields, so he was happy when he got a call from a person who wanted some construction work done. He also had my son in law help, as well as my husband due to the size of the job. This was ideal because my husband and I are on a fixed income and we could always use a little extra money.

Well, they completed the job, and submitted a bill for the work, and the person said he would pay in a week. Long story short, he didn't pay them. My son and son in law needed this money badly as it was all that they had coming in to pay bills and buy groceries with.

A few weeks later, things were getting pretty desperate for them, to the point where my daughter and son in law were facing eviction. My son got another job cleaning out a persons basement, mostly it was stuff destined for the dump. It was a very messy job, but it was money. The person told him that anything he wanted in the basement he could have, (the person didn't live there) and was just happy to get it cleaned out, because he was going to remodel it. In the mean while, my daughter kept calling her brother and asking if he had received money yet from the job, as her and her husband (my son in law) needed to buy food and pay the power bill. He said, no, and he felt responsible for not having any money to give her to help them out. So he prayed and asked the Lord to deal with the heart of the man who owed them all $1250.00 dollars each (the man never did pay them).

Well one morning when my son was still working on clearing out this other persons basement, my daughter's friend from church called her, and was told by the Lord to encourage my daughter with this scripture-- "...Go down to the sea and cast in your hook, and the first fish you catch will have a coin in his mouth....And to give it to them for Me and you."  Matthew 17:27. The friend said, "I really do not know why I am to encourage you with this scripture, it seems so odd." but she was obedient, and told her this.

In the meanwhile, my son was picking through a pile of garbage in the basement, and kept knocking around a small box that was rattling like something was in it. He picks it up and opened it, and inside were 3 gold coins! He couldn't believe it, he knew the price of gold had been going up, so he called the coin shop and described the coins. They were worth... $1250.00 bucks EACH!! Exactly what was owed to all 3 of them from the man who never paid him on that previous job! Needless to say, he was excited, but decided to call the owner of the house just to be sure that the owner knew about what he had found. The owner stated again--if he found it, he could keep it! Wow... This was God coming through for everyone at the last moment! 3 people worked--3 coins found--1250.00-- exactly what was owed each one!! AMAZING, but this time, the "fish" was a small dirty box!

God is so good to us--we just place our hope and faith in Him, and He will NEVER fail us 

God Bless,
Jacquel Neff