Gino (20 Dec 2012)
"RE: Rene: 12.19.12: another chance"

    Very good point. Too many people forget that the Tribulation is also a time of mercy, as it is judgment. Why bother to mention that neither they repented ..., unless the LORD was still looking for or responding to repentance in the Tribulation. Similar to Nineveh, when repented Jonah preached to them yet 40 days judgment, and there is no record of his mentioning that they had any opportunity to repent - yet they did, and were spared. This seems to me indicative of the LORD's mercy, even in the time of judgment, that he allows for, facilitates, responds to repentance - and those who repent and turn to him for mercy find it.
    Thank you for being bold enough to point it out. Too many of the brethren seem to have a "ha-ha, everyone left behind is going to die lost and fry like a sausage in hell". You on the other hand showed that yes, there will still be those who do indeed go to hell forever, yet, for those seeking mercy & repent, that even as late as the Tribulation, the LORD will save them.
        Thank you,