Gerry Almond (20 Dec 2012)
"Time to prepare... Jesus is coming for His own."

Dear Christian brothers and sisters

I believe that the time for our rapture has come.  Perhaps in as little as a few days, or failing that, very, very soon.  What we have all longed, prayed, and patiently waited for seemingly, is finally on the horizon to occur.  Our transport to heaven is in the offing.  One thousand nine hundred and eighty years of God’s grace has been offered to the world, and many have taken advantage of the offer to become a child of God.  But many more have not; indeed they have rejected the only door to heaven.  Yahushua (Jesus Christ) said it Himself, “I am the way, the truth and the life; NO MAN COMETH TO THE FATHER EXCEPT BY ME”.  In the house of the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ are many mansions.  He went away to prepare a place for us, and nearly two “days” of 1,000 years each later, He is coming to get us.  And marvel of marvels, He is going to fulfill what the Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 10 and 11…That the Jews, put on a shelf because of their rejection of Messiah, will have the scales removed and they will see Yahushua (Jesus Christ) for whom He is, their Messiah at last.  Though rejected by them, He will forgive them and renew His relationship with them.

When?  At the rapture of the Church.  In order for Israel to “see” again, the Christians will be taken out.  The beautiful Song of Solomon in chapter 6, verse 12 says that when the Shulamite (gentile) girl was taken by the servants of the great Prince, the daughters of Jerusalem (modern Israel) says urgently, “Return, return, return, return”.  When asked why they want her to return, they reply “that we may behold her beauty”.  So, the wild olive branch (Church) must be removed and the natural (Israel) grafted back in.  This means that the fullness of the gentiles will have come in and Israel will know that it has happened and what it means.

The times of the gentiles will last only a while longer, but only until the consummation of the wrath of God.  After Armageddon and on to the coronation of the King of Glory, then, glory to God, the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ will begin.  It will last for 1,000 years or a period of 360,000 earth days.  The awful man of sin and his false prophet will be cast in hell fire, the lake that burns eternally.  Satan will be bound in chains so that he can no longer go out to deceive.  The earth will be returned to its pristine condition, and will blossom as the rose.  Near heavenly conditions will exist and even the feral nature of animals will be done away.  Lions will eat grass, as does the ox.  Nothing will hurt or harm in all of the Kingdom in that day.  Illness and disease will cease to be.  There will be little if any need for doctors and hospitals.  Israel will rule the world under her Messiah, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Sin will not be tolerated and will be judged instantly.  Prosperity will know no bounds, neither will there be wars any more.  The Bride of Christ will co-reign with her Husband and will judge the nations.  The Jews will have king David resurrected and ruling over them under His Majesty, Christ Jesus the King of Kings. New Jerusalem will be in orbit above the planet earth, with a highway connecting.  As the song says, what a day, glorious day, that will be.  All heaven will rejoice and choirs of angels will glorify God in that day.  The life span of man will increase to nearly a thousand years, and children will play with wild animals as if they are household pets.  Even the poisonous serpents will be tame and harmless, and children will play with them also.

All of this defies our imagination, as we are subject to the sins, immoralities, and heinous crimes of men on this earth today.  Vicious slander, gossip and human bondage are common conditions of our world, but not there.  

Who, in their right mind, would not want to live in a heavenly way like that?  Well, there are many today who reject the idea outright.  They love their life just as it is, steeped in sin and deceit.  They love greed, money, power, and the ability to rule over others.  So, the conclusion is that they are not in their right mind.  We Christians who love the Lord live in an insane asylum.  People are plain crazy when it comes to the choice God presents:  His free gift of salvation or sure and certain doom in the abyss of hell.  Incredibly men choose the latter over the former because, it has been found that they feel that they have to give up too much if they accept God’s offer to yield obediently to Him and to His Son.  They want to sow their wild oats, dabble in pornography, chase strange flesh, and abominate with same sex, etc.  But God has commanded people everywhere to REPENT, for He has set a day in the which all will be judged by the standard of His Son.  The song writer pleaded that we do what we can to rescue the perishing and snatch them in pity from sin and the grave.  Rescue is the theme of the hymn and it is more true today than ever before.  Radio, television, preaching, witnessing, missionary activity, evangelical church services and so forth is going on daily.  Pray for these ministries that many souls may come in while the age of grace is still available.  

Pray and weep before the Lord.  In your hearts, make intercession for people whom you know need to be saved.  Make your own election sure.  Serve God to the best of your ability.  Seek Him in your heart.  Obey the commandment that Jesus Christ gave us, that we love one another.  These things are very pleasing to God according to His Word.

Blessings on every brother and sister in Christ

Gerry Almond