Frank Molver (31 Dec 2012)
"Mary re seeing dead loved ones"
There is truth in what you say, but there are exceptions
Number one example being the time when Jesus and his disciples saw Moses and Elijah
Now, one of the things we Christians have to battle against is a religious spirit
That is, if it didn't happen to me it couldn't happen to you  type of thinking
This is why many people do not accept tongues, healing, and miracles.
This is why word of knowledge is so rare
It is kind of like waht  the Dispensationalists think, that those things were only meant for the first church
There are people here that have had experienced heaven and hell here also
Then we have those who say that it is not from God.
Well, if that is true I guess I am a liar too, but I am not
God answers prayers in many different ways, and deals with us individually
So lets not put God in a box that is limited to our own personal experience
Accept the different gifts of others for the edification of the body