Frank Molver (31 Dec 2012)
"Debi re another 3 years"
Well, Judy did write an interesting letter re another 3 years.
She makes the case that the Lord is telling her that there will be another 3 years
Perhaps she is right
But I have some reservations
It appears to me that Judy comes from the 5 fold Kingdom now teaching
In other words, the Kingdom of heaven will first be set up on earth, then Christ will return
However, I see instead a great falling away, and many in the church caught unaware and unprepared
They believe there will be a great revival, then the Lord will come
I would like to see that happen too
Scripture might seem to indicate both ways, it depends on what scripture you lean towards
The terminology that she quotes as God speaking directly to her sound a bit odd
There is too much Kingdom now popular terminology for me to believe it was actually God speaking
But that is not to say that a lot of what she said is true
Like the old Norwegian said, you eat the meat and throw away the bones.