Frank Molver (21 Dec 2012)
"ominous prophetic sketches"

Nicole Poon has several sketches that have to do with progressive revelation
There is a repetitious them in some that show the clown as the AC
Below you see a red blood streak flowing down a river to what appears to be NYC
An indication of a disaster strike that the AC is responsible for
A prev drawing showed a clown nose flowing down a river to a US city
The clown removing its disguise and terror striking
Also there is a prev drawing of a clown above the world as missiles strike during a parade?
Then we see that we all must pass thru the fire, and some of us are right now.
Then we see a beautiful Chinese bride crown ornament
Then we see what appears to be a heavenly scene of Jerusalem with a cross thru it
Then there is the eye of God galaxy there to as a rapture destination.
20 December 2012/
I still prayed for almost the same.God showed a red stream flowing down from a cliff to a city of America.It reminded me of the red clown nose in the previous vision .Then I asked God for the meaning but there was no reply.
1 December 2012/
This still did not relate to my prayer.God showed a stream flowing with some pieces of ice and a red nose of clown toward a river where was the city of America.The red nose puzzles me.
18 November 2012/
This vision still appeared before I prayed.God showed a clown laughing on the top of his stick first,and then some missiles were sent to hit from one plane to another one.A parade was being held with the flying colored flags,two labors using the sticks to help dragging a colourful wooden boat,the audience crowded on the both side.There was a row of waves appeared at the foreground at last
19 December 2012/
I asked God for forgiveness and purifying all of us, leading us not into temptation, delivering us from the evil one,and for mercy for the lost souls.God showed His Hands holding a fire ball,many going into but some coming out of that.I guess God's meaning:not many can go through the temptation,so surely we need Jesus and rely on God.
19 December 2012/
A traditional Chinese bride's crown.

Yesterday I shared my testimony with a brother whom I met first time.He told me that he had heard Jesus said to him in voice,"I am coming soon to judge this world!"
20 December 2012/
I prayed for almost the same.God showed many different elements that had been shown in previous visions.