Frank Molver (14 Dec 2012)
"Dove awards for artistic achievement, Vega, Renee, Gail"

As the self appointed president of the Dove awards I humbly present my choices.
These are for people who constantly bring interesting and artistically done posts
First the mind blowing graphics of Lois Vega
Check it out, who can do that anyway?
sheesh, he didn't do that in an hour
Not only that he writes it all out for us
Then we have Renee
Very poetic posts with several beautiful paintings of the era spoken of
All nicely laid out and flowing with a heart of humility
Check it out
Then we have Gail
Timely politically prophetic posts that read like a well done magazine article
Lots of interesting maps, photo's and graphics
Not only that it is written in big letters for folks like me!
Check it out
And a bonus for the linkless link re March 23 2013 mid point hook
My research team [Mr Google] has deciphered this enigma
It is the date of Obama's mandatory implementation of the health care chip
AKA the mark of the beast.