Dennis Randall (20 Dec 2012)
"11 Years, 101 Days"

For some reason, while in prayer, it came to me that 12/21/12 will be 11 years, 101 days from 9-11-2001.

An inclusive day count is 4,120 days. Not sure that means anything but I thought it was worth sharing.

I must admit that these next few days are so important for all of us. It just seems that if we do not see the return of our Lord and Savior or some sort of event to give a date stamp about where we are in God’s timeline in these next days that all of us will need to rethink our mission here on Earth; especially given the rise of pure evil in our nation and in the world.

It has come to me that we may need to become a Church Militant and try best we can to witness truth in all things, including the sovereignty of our Lord Jesus Christ and who we are as God’s children.. I think it increasingly possible that the rapture may not be a pre wrath event. I say this because it is clear to me that we are in tribulation and I do not see any lessening in the tumult.

So, I pray that everyone here on 5 Doves will pray for guidance and understanding from the Holy Spirit in these next few days. I pray that somehow that the 12/21/12 date will be used by God to bring us home and allow the Strong Delusion to be used against the world.  If we find ourselves here after Christmas with no meaningful events to help us understand I think it necessary for all of us to question our assumptions. We just might need to start doing some very hard and dangerous work here on Earth. We may actually need to take the Lord’s Prayer seriously and work for His Kingdom to come on Earth as it is in Heaven. We just can’t keep looking up and doing nothing as evil wins every day and all around us. We must seek guidance and direction and act accordingly.


Merry Christmas.


Your Brother in Christ,




PS. (Also, I know that many of you think Christmas is a pagan holiday; and if you think it is then I guess it is—for you.  However, any day that we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior is a Blessed Day and that supersedes any other meaning. So, for me, not matter which day He was actually born, I celebrate it and deem it Holy for our Lord and Savior. Amen.)