Clay Cantrell (20 Dec 2012)
"December 14 was marked for observation"

Readers -

Early in December, I wrote to an email friend that I theorized that
December 12 was marked, though I didn't know what year. Still, as it
approached, I made note of it.

My thinking, that I emailed to my friend, was this:

To the best of my remembrance and reconstruction, the visitation from
God of December 1997 lasted eight inclusive days, from December 5th
through 12th.

The next day that was marked (which I have written about extensively)
was December 13th, 2003 - the capture of Saddam Hussein. I so remember
clearly the day before when I felt the very strong presence of God and
went to bed saying out loud, "something important has happened", then
waking up to the clock radio news declaring Saddam was captured.

If God was marking a "series" of consecutive days in December, across
a span of years, then I surmised that the next day to have an event of
note, that was important, was December 14th, in some year.

I'm sorry to say that the massacre of the children in Connecticut USA
may have marked the day as another day in the series - though I can't
be sure. If valid, it would be day number nine.

The next marked day might then be December 15th, in some year. That
would make ten consecutive days, which might complete a set.

That's strictly my thinking out loud, though.

Jesus is Lord.