Chris K (20 Dec 2012)
"Psalm 83 (as WORSHIP with commentary) post #3"

Psalm 83

 Please raise your voice my Elohim,
          and keep not silence now:
     Do thou not hold thy peace, Yahweh,
          and still no more be thou.
(first Christ and then us as "His Body" are the "voice of Yahweh" upon the earth, and we will be "raised up" in the last days when our Heavenly Father is no longer able to hold His peace)

2    For, lo, thine enemies a noise
          tumultuously have made;
     And they that haters are of thee
          have lifted up the head.
(the wicked men of the world have made a loud noise against the anointed of God and have lifted up their heads in haughtiness and belligerence)

3    Against thy chosen people they
          do crafty counsel take;
     And they against thy hidden ones
          conspiracies do make.
(against the "hidden children", the "chosen vessels", there are many conspiring to shatter the people of God)

4    Come, let us cut them off, said they,
          from being a nation,
     That of the name of Isr'el may
          no more be made mention.
(when the Bride of Christ is removed then all the world will truly come against the nation of Israel, and all remnant believers)
5    For with joint heart they plot, in league
          against thee they combine.
6    The tents of Edom, Ishm'elites,
          Moab and Hagar's line;
(this is almost all the nations east of the Jordan river, as well as some to the north)

7    Gebal, and Ammon, Amalek,
          Philistines, those of Tyre;
8    And Assur join'd with them, to help
          Lot's children they conspire.
(this alludes to the offspring of the "fallen angels" and the fallen ones themselves, also various mongrel peoples intermixed with Israel)

9    Do to them as to Midian,
          Jabin at Kison strand;
10   And Sis'ra, which at En-dor fell,
          as dung to fat the land.

11   Like Oreb and like Zeeb make
          their noble men to fall;
     Like Zeba and Zalmunna like,
          make thou their princes all;
(this is what happens to the peoples that belligerently come against God's anointed, and also to the powers and principalities that have given them help and supernatural power)
12   Who said, For our possession
          let us Yashua' house take.
13   Yahweh, them like a wheel, as chaff
          before the wind, them make.
(weather it is the "House of Israel" or the "Body of Christ", it is the same to Yahweh, and all those that come against His people will be ground down to a fine powder)

14   As fire consumes the wood, as flame
          doth mountains set on fire,
15   Chase and affright them with the storm
          and tempest of thine ire.

16   Their faces fill with shame, O Lord,
          that they may seek thy name.
17   Let them confounded be, and vex'd,
          and perish in their shame:

18   That men may know that thou, to whom
          alone doth appertain
     The name Yehovah(Yeshua), dost most high
          o'er all the earth remain.

(God glory and redemption will be known to and throughout the whole earth, and His anointed one will be exalted forever)