Chris K (20 Dec 2012)
"Psalm 99 (as WORSHIP with commentary) post #2"

Psalm 99

1    Th' eternal Lord doth reign as king,
          let all the people quake;
     He sits between the cherubim,
           the earth be moved and shake.
(let us all tremble in the presence of the Father of all creatures, He sits on the eternal throne and the world will shake at His WORD and coming)

2    The Lord in Sion great and high
          above all people is;
3    Thy great and dreadful name (for it
          is holy) let them bless.
(Zion is always a reference(for us) to the "Ekklesia", the Church, the Temple that God is building for Himself. Yahweh is building His own Temple and abode out of these "lively stones", us.)

4    The king's strength also judgment loves;
          settles with equity:
     Just judgment thou does execute
          in Jacob righteously.
(He loves us and "judges all" with perfect equity and divine love and absolute justice)

5    The Lord our God exalt on high,
          and rev'rently do ye
     Before his footstool worship him:
          the Holy One is he.
6    Moses and Aaron 'mong his priests,
          Samuel, with them that call
     Upon his name: these call'd on God,
          and he them answer'd all.

7    Within the pillar of the cloud
          he unto them did speak:
     The testimonies he them taught,
          and laws, they did not break.
(this is sounding very contemporary, and will be heard by all those that are obedient to Christ)

8    Thou answered them, O Jehovah;
          thou was a God that gave
     Pardon to them, though on their deeds
          thou would vengeance made.
(we cried out for salvation through Jesus and God the Father responded in GRACE)

9    Do ye exalt Yashuah God,
          and at his holy hill
     Do ye him worship: for Yahweh
          our God is holy still.

(God the Father Himself has lifted up His WORD(His living WORD made flesh, Yeshuah) above His own name...for "the lamb is worthy")