Carl Worline (31 Dec 2012)
"A Couple of Thoughts"

Hi Everybody,
I have never been completely convinced that Obama is the anti-Christ.  However, if he is, wouldn't it be logical for him to be indwelt by Satan and be revealed as the anti-Christ shortly after being sworn in as President of the United States for his second term??  After all, the Bible does say that the anti-Christ comes to power lawfully and legally.  If this is true, then he was destined to win re-election regardless of his miserable performance in his first term and his total lack of credentials.  Somehow, deep down inside, I think it is important that the people choose to follow this godless individual and it is also important for him to be formally and ritually installed as president.  Then God will remove the Restrainer and we will depart for heaven with the Restrainer at the same time that the sudden destruction hits the nations of the earth.
Meanwhile, the cease fire between Israel and Gaza is holding.  The economy is also holding together.  No major earthquakes or new major volcanic eruptions.  No supernaturally severe storms at the moment.  I guess we are in a brief phase of "peace and security."  When did the Bible say the rapture would happen???  As I recall, the Bible says the rapture will happen when the world is saying "peace and security." 
Anyway, the above is just my thought.  I am definitely not a prophet.  I am just a humble watcher on the wall who enjoys date setting in my spare time.
My second thought for the day is in regards to this entire gun control frenzy:  Guns do not kill people.  It's husbands who come home early from work that kill people.  I shall have to remember this thought and include it when I write my memoirs, which I shall call Worline's Words of Wisdom.
Carl Worline