1 Cor 10:31 (20 Dec 2012)
"Bob A & Phil & a whole bunch more...."

Count me in ~ I sense the rapture is as close as it's ever gonna' be, too!  (without actually GOING UP in it...... which MAY happen *yet* this year!)   How we hope & pray!
Bob A:  This morning when I came to my home computer -- it was a TOTALLY BLACK SCREEN.... I touched the mouse & nothing for a couple moments.... my first inclination was....... uh boy, my computer *fried* overnight!!  {even though we have good anti-virus protection}
 I actually semi-gasped..... boy, how we depend on these things!  
FTR, I don't go to video links either.   Except I did read on another site about a youtube called, "The Church of the Tares" that I googled & aim to watch/listen to as soon as I get time as it's rather long.
Wouldn't surprise me in the least if any and all of us who post on CHRISTIAN SITES ..... ESP. BIBLICAL PROPHECY sites..... are being closely monitored!!!
At least Tng is in another country & out of the AC's reach (we hope!)   When I say the AC -- what we really mean is AC-to be..... as the AC has not taken his throne -- just yet..... but that'll happen soon after the rapture.
BTW, interesting tidbit:   the mother of the 20 y/o who did the school shooting massacre was a SURVIVALIST...... also called a PREPPIE...... she believed economic collapse was coming soon [which is right, however, the world does not turn to Jesus for survival, but rather they stockpile food]   My reason for mentioning this ~ hey many will put 2 & 2 together & just figure that "we" Biblical prophecy ppl are survivalists, too...... and well, you see that line of thought & how it (may have) affected her boy...... so will they come looking for all "our types"?
Not to scare anybody!   We'll be gone soon!
The AC is counting on us being here -- and will even cuss us out when we're gone!  That's in  Rev. 13:6.  He'd love to add our heads to his hall of fame trophy case, too!  And maybe even cry more *crocodile tears* over us! ~ like over the massacred kids...... wiping pretend tears from DRY EYES.....
Phil:  I'll never understand you "math people" ~ hah!  But that's okay, all have different gifts.  My eyes *glaze over*, too.... when my husband rattles on about numbers to me.  But mainly I just wanted to comment that OHHHH  YES, I do *remember* how the pResident-in-chief claimed he's going to win the war on Christmas!! ~ and I couldn't help to wonder if that was a sly way of actually saying something else, you know?!  Like maybe he plans on taking over the world "by then"??  Or at least creating more havoc for real Christians "by then"?  Or, who knows, maybe he too senses that the rapture (which he thinks he can stop??)  could happen around then ~ ??  Then he can "beat his chest" and claim that he WON??
I also found Mercer's observation to be intesting as well -- so many days between the hurricane Sandy & then the massacre -- and then the exact number of days between the massacre to Christmas.   A big Hmmm!!!..... and a BIG HOPE!!!
Friends at Doves:  from my state, we voted in a very humble, obedient-to-God, real honest-to-goodness Christian man to represent us in this upcoming Congress.  Please pray for extra vigilent angels to totally surround & protect him!  He's already worn out & weary & hasn't even STARTED yet!  Personally I hope the rapture happens before he can be sworn in.  .... .which is supposed to be Jan. 3rd. 
But think about it:  an extremely liberal president (and esp. if he turns out to be THE AC) ~ well, it's not going to set too well with him -- to have a Republican Congress coming in!  he won't want the headache of dealing with that.  So therefore he'll aim to stomp out opposition.  Thanks for praying for this man!!  I'll introduce you in heaven -- you will absolutely love him!
Please send up a little prayer for me -- "RJ" ~ the incision where my ankle was operated on 3 years ago continues to break out...... it heals up, then breaks out.... continuous cycle.  Our new insurance will not cover a pre-existing condition (which we lost our other good insurance when my husband's manager MADE UP LIES about my husband -- so he'd have a reason to fire him!!  This happened in Oct.)  And no, I'm not stretching the truth in the least -- Tom is gonna' pay BIG TIME for what he did to my husband ~ unless he repents first.    Thank you for whispering a prayer!
See you soon, and I just absolutely cannot wait!!  I so hope & pray it's in 2012!!