MathMan (3 Dec 2011)
"If you don't love Jesus YET, I dare you to read this!!!  TIME IS ALMOST OUT!!"


NO PERMISSION from this author is required to forward this link or paste into Facebook and other social media as you feel fit.  In other words, please send this out as you feel fit.  Again, time is RAPIDLY running out.  The author has no need for personal credit.  To God be ALL the glory!!


To those who do not yet love Jesus:  I was one of you not that long ago.  It took a life changing event for God to make me realize that Jesus loves us and wants us to see His Light before its too late.  That being said, God is just and will not FORCE you to love Him.  To further complicate things, His patience is limited by the non-believers time on earth, which I will prove is rapidly coming to an end.  Indeed, the following document was produced to provide you with MATHEMATICAL proof using LOGICAL formulas straight from the Bible and applying them DIRECTLY to historical Israel-related events as to why God is still in control and is about to reintroduce Himself to the World…and soon.  I challenge you to read what I have written below with an open mind and allow any doubts it may stir up to grow.  After all, what do you have to lose except your soul?  And if you still end up not believing, what do you really lose except a few minutes of your time?


To Watchers & Believers:  Please read what is written below and take heart for our redemption from this World draws near.  Please forward this link to as many unsaved loved ones that you can before it is too late.  Time is RAPIDLY running out and we need to make a FINAL push to reduce the vast numbers that will be left behind!!  If the Rapture is followed immediately by Sudden Destruction (which I now believe it will be), particularly in the USA, there will be no time for them to still be saved “after the Rapture” like some of you may be hoping for.  RIGHT NOW is the only time left!!


IMPORTANT:  Please note that this document outlines a Pre-Tribulation viewpoint.  Specifically, I believe that we will not see God’s wrath AT ALL.  However, please be pre-warned - this is NOT a Pre-“7 YEAR” or a Pre-“7 Year Peace Treaty” Tribulation viewpoint that is commonly held by the Christian prophecy community.  I have concluded that this premise is speculation that will simply not play out as they expect.  It is just way too late in the “season” for these conditions to still be able to apply and I believe that God has revealed, through His servants Gerry Almond and Ron Reese, more than adequate reasons why the alternative viewpoint I am about to illustrate makes real sense and remains a Pre-Tribulation viewpoint.  More specifically, the 7 to 9 years may have already begun, but NOT the judgment / wrath of God, and is setting the stage for the Great Tribulation as we speak.  You have to admit the World is a pretty bizarre place right now and it’s not getting any better – this is the preparation or stage setting.  What it really boils down to is; who are we (including me) to try to box in God’s actions and plans by our puny mind’s point of view and opinions of what we THINK He should being doing for the “Final Reconciliation” with mankind!!




Now that the preamble is complete, I want to start off by formally stating that I agree with what others have written about the Rapture being a signless event.  I also believe in the Raptures imminence and that it will remain so until it actually happens.  However, even the imminence of the Rapture has a God-ordained limitation.  The limitation being that the Rapture HAS to occur prior to the Tribulation Period commencing.


The purpose of this post is that, while I have seen an abundance of excellent qualitative analysis on why the Rapture is just around the corner, I have not seen any really rigorous quantitative analysis that REALLY ties all of the Israel-related historical events together, which I now supply below for your reading pleasure.  However, before I do I feel that it would be beneficial to first explain how I got to the place that I am writing to you today:


·              My journey to accept Jesus as my savior is perhaps the least romantic you will ever hear, revolving around, oddly enough, mathematical analysis.  First I REALLY researched and decided that evolution was non-sensible (skeptics, please keep reading – I’m going somewhere important with this contention).  In the end, I felt that the odds of such amazing complexity randomly occurring from chaos were just too astronomical to accept unless your real goal was to "kill god" and not have to answer to anyone but yourself.  This had huge ramifications to me as creation is the only alternative, therefore meaning that a god(s) of some sort had to exist.


·              As such, I needed to analyze which of the various god(s) had the highest probability of being responsible for bringing us here (spoken like the math geek I am).  After much research, it eventually became clear that only Christianity made sense.  This was quite a surprise to me since I was actually quite skeptical of Christianity before I began this quest.  Like many others out there, I too had MANY run-ins with those self-righteous “Christians” that try to make you feel inadequate (by the way, I still can’t stand them).


·              While my mind accepted Jesus immediately, it wasn't until a while later that I truly gave my heart to Jesus, praise be His Grace forever!  Indeed, for me one of the main turning points towards Christianity was prophecy and its amazing accuracy to what has gone AND IS GOING ON in this world (that is, it is still applicable today and even more so).  In particular, Israel and the six-day war to take Jerusalem was a huge eye-opener for me.  I believe it would be for you as well if you will take the time to research it (after all, who originally set the six-day work followed by a day of rest pattern?).  The other "thing" that sold me on Christianity is that it is the only faith where God reached down to us (through His Son Jesus) versus us having to reach up for Him.  Jesus is reaching for you today but His gift of free will requires that you have to purposefully give Him permission to pick you up before He will (I’ll show you how to do this at the end of this article).


·              This journey began my love of all things prophecy.  After all, it indirectly saved me by directing me towards the grace of Jesus.  My next task was to sort through the various doctrine believed by so many seemingly well-intentioned Christians that were in direct opposition to each other, each claiming passionately to be right wherein only one can be right.  I read about Pre-Trib, Post-Trib, Mid-Trib, Pre-Wrath and other related theories and had to decide which one to believe since they can't all co-exist.  Pre-Trib easily won the day.  It seemed overwhelmingly logical to me that Jesus would take us off this decrepit planet before any of His judgments / wrath would begin in earnest to rain down on earth.  Indeed, Jesus directly promised us that He would do just that.  After all, what Good Shepherd would purposely put the sheep He so loves and tends in the way of harm that He Himself is creating / allowing?  To believe that Jesus would do otherwise would defy logic.


·              The more I thought about it, the more the Pre-Trib Rapture excited me.  While being with the Lord forever is plenty to be excited about on its own, not having to experience a possibly painful death to do it (yes, I'm a bit cowardly) seemed too good to be true.  But with God, He IS the only "good" AND He IS the only Truth!!


·              The next logical question was; when would the Rapture occur?  On this, the Bible is exceedingly clear - no man (nor woman) will know the day or the hour.  However, based on my rigorous training in math and statistics, I thought surely there must be clues (or at least hints) in the Bible as to how much longer, in general, we would have to wait until the Rapture.


Jack Kelley's Guess:  During my subsequent research on this subject, I happened to come across Jack Kelley's GraceThruFaith website and quickly realized he was incredibly well respected (for good reason) in the area of prophecy and a frequent contributor to this excellent website.  Using Matthew 24, Jack outlined a compelling case that the generation that sees Israel come back would see the return of Jesus.  He then presented a simple calculation:  May 14, 1948 + 70 years = 2018; subtract off seven years and you are right around now.


After almost 2000 years, why us?  This simple calculation was mind-blowing news to me.  However, again I was skeptical.  After all, almost 2000 years has passed since Jesus died and His Church is still here.  What makes us think that, after all of these centuries, we would be the ones to be so incredibly blessed to be the few to be caught up with our Savior without having to experience death?  As such, and taking the direction from the Bible that two witnesses in agreement are required in order to establish something, I diligently reviewed Scripture and compared it to Jewish history to see if there was more evidence pointing to the fact that the Rapture must be soon (in our generation).


In search for...a second witness:  I first looked to the work of others to see what had been written on this subject.  While I found an abundance of qualitative articles outlining the many, many signs and events that currently point to the fact that Jesus is coming for us soon, I hadn't seen anything quantitatively put together in once place.  That is, there was excellent mathematical analysis to be found, but none that REALLY tied it all together.  After much research in the area, incredibly (but not so with God, for all is possible with Him), I came to believe that the history of Israel / Jerusalem shows us that there is not only one event in Israel's history pointing to the Tribulation Period being just around the corner, and by definition therefore the Rapture, but there were actually no fewer than fourteen!!


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Before I begin, I must be very clear that in no way am I date-setting.  I have no clue when the Rapture will be, other than surely it must be soon (similar to what the vast majority of prophecy experts already feel).  I am just outlining, in a similar way to Jack Kelley, various Bible based mathematical reasons why we will be going home in the not too distant future.


Why is the Church still here?  When reviewing the below analysis, you will notice that each of the equations points directly to the years 2015 to 2017 for Christ’s earthly return.  The next obvious question will be, if these equations all point to 2015 to 2017, why are we still here given the commonly expected 7 year Tribulation Period (or Daniel's 70th Week) timeline would mean we most likely should have already been Raptured at some time in 2008 to 2010.


After MUCH research (some of which I will share in future posts), I came to the conclusion that the first ½ of the 70th Week was already fulfilled in the life of Jesus and that only the last ½ remains.  While I believe that a final 7 to 9 year period has commenced, essentially starting with the GFC / 777.7 point DOW drop in the fall of 2008 followed by Barack Obama’s “one week” speech on October 29th (exactly 30 days later!), the true wrath / tribulation won’t start until the Church has been raptured (the world hasn’t seen anything yet).  The Bible is exceedingly clear about the 3.5 years remaining for the Anti-Christ AND that the Church won’t be here when things REALLY start getting ugly, but the 7 year requirement has been based on rather debatable interpretation of Daniel 9:27.


While I arrived at this conclusion independently, I have since read excellent articles by Gerry Almond and Ron Reese that backed up my thoughts on this subject.  Their mathematical logic simply made sense.  While some of there past GUESSES (they NEVER claimed to KNOW) for the Rapture date have come and gone, they were still based on solid arguments that COULD have pointed to a certain date and a warning was warranted and was justifiable.


Nonetheless, the one date that Gerry & Ron haven’t changed is that the end point is the Day of Atonement 2015, meaning the Great Tribulation will start on April 11, 2012.  While I agree with the mathematical logic behind this, I still feel that there MAY be a one year delay to take into account a possible one year “turnover” period ending with the Day of Atonement 2016.   If I was to assign odds, I would give the Day of Atonement 2015 a 80% chance and the Day of Atonement 2016 a 18% for Christ’s entrance into Jerusalem (return to earth on the Feast of Trumpets 10 days earlier).  The remaining 2% chance I would assign mostly to the Day of Atonement 2017 with only a tiny chance for further delay.  The mathematical clues, given by God in His historical tapestry, are just too strong to believe anything else to be the case.


The Mathematical Clues:  With no further delay, the fourteen events pointing towards the nearness of the Rapture, outlined in chronological order, are as follows:


1.      Around 4000 BC + 6000 years:  The Birth of Adam around 4000 BC (according to Biblical genealogy) + time to first sin (wherein sin is referred to as "death" by God) + 120 Jubilees (also equal to 6 "1000 year" days, with the millennium being the 1000 year "day of rest") is APPROXIMATELY our generation


Note on the Jubilee:  The Jews have long lost accurate track of when a Jubilee year occurs.  However, rest assured that, if such timing is significant, God Himself will have kept track.  The Jubilee is described in the Bible as a period wherein property is returned to its original owner after 49 years (the 50th year); wherein there is some debate as to whether this uses 360 days versus 365.25 (rounded) days.  God’s purpose for the Jubilee was to keep people out of unrepayable or perpetual debt (given today’s GFC, I am sure “99%” wished this was still practiced)


2.      Around 2000 BC + 4000 years:  Covenant with Abraham (around 2000 BC) + 80 Jubilees is APPROXIMATELY our generation


3.      Around 1500 BC + 3500 years:  The Time of Exodus (around 1500 BC) + 70 Jubilees is APPROXIMATELY our generation


4.      Around 0 AD + 2000 years:  The Life of Jesus + 40 Jubilees = 2 "1000 year" days is APPROXIMATELY our generation


Note:  The 120, 80, 70 & 40 figures illustrated above are very important time allotments in the Bible when it comes to time spans.  However, an elaborate explanation of each of these numbers will have to wait until another day but is discussed in less detail below.


5.      1517 AD + 500 Years:  Entire area of Israel, including Jerusalem, captured by the Ottoman Empire in 1517 + 10 Jubilees (10 x 50 years) = 2017


6.      1534 AD + 483 Years:  Suleiman (Arab for Solomon!) announces Jerusalem be rejuvenated in 1534 + 70 "weeks" (70 x 2520 days / 365.25, also equal to 69 x 7 years, equal to 483 Gregorian years) = 2017.  Side Note:  It could even turn out that God may have allowed this particular timing in order to facilitate the grand deception by the Anti-Christ to proclaim that the "70 Week" prophecy of Daniel pertains to him and him alone and that he is the "one true" messiah and that Jesus was a farce.  While all lies, only befitting of the master of lies, his claim will be enforced by death by beheading (as per Revelation)


7.      1897 AD + 120 Years:  The First Zionist Congress convened and proclaimed the right of the Jewish people to national rebirth in its own country in 1897 (could this be the VERY FIRST Fig Tree event referred to in Matthew 24:32-34?) + 120 years (referenced as the longest of life spans in Genesis 6:3 and matches the latest age used in standard actuarial tables) = 2017.  If 360 day “Biblical” years are used, this lands on 2015 instead.  Indeed, it lands PRECISELY on Hanukkah 2015, the date I feel that Jesus will be anointed, the final step for ALL to be fulfilled and the last of six steps outlined in Daniel 9 (“the anointing of the Most Holy”)!!


8.      1917 AD + 100 Years:  Entire area of Israel, including Jerusalem, captured by the British Empire and declared future home for the Jews (the Balfour Declaration) on Hanukkah 1917 + 2 Jubilees (2 x 50 years) = 2017.  Again, if 360 day years are used, this also lands in 2015


9.      1947 AD + 70 Years:  Israel formally declared home of Jews by UN Resolution on Hanukkah 1947 + Generation of 70 years (Matthew 24:32-35, Psalm 90:10, Isaiah 23:15, Hosea 9:10) = 2017 (note that Jack Kelley uses 70 years from 1948 = 2018, which is also logical).  If 360 day years are used, this lands on 2016


10.    1948 AD + 70 Years:  Daniel 9:2 states, "In the first year of his reign I Daniel understood by books the number of the years, whereof the word of the LORD came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem."  The Hebrew word for "desolations" is "lecharevovt", which is unequivocally plural, meaning more than one desolation.  As such, could this not be only referring to the one time that Jerusalem was made desolate, but to every time it was made desolate, both present and future?  History shows us that there have been exactly three desolations since Daniel wrote this prophecy, with the most recent desolation adding to the evidence pointing to the year 2017.  But first some history:


·              First Desolation:  Jerusalem became desolate in 586 BC, when Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem and the First Temple.  Just as God had promised, the Jews were eventually allowed to return from exile and rebuild their temple.  The Second Temple was completed in the year 516 BC, exactly 70 years after its desolation in 586 BC


·              Second Desolation:  The first Jewish revolt began in 66 AD.  The revolt was crushed and Jerusalem was destroyed again, this time by the Romans, in 70 AD.  Once again, Jerusalem became desolate.  After a lull, there was a Second Jewish Revolt in 135 AD.  Right after this Second Jewish Revolt, the Hadrian rebuilt Jerusalem as a pagan city named Aelia Capitolina.  The building of Aelia was finished by 140 AD, exactly 70 years after its desolation in 70 AD.  Note that no temple was required to end the desolation in this particular case as Aelia was now a pagan, not a Jewish, city


·              Final Desolation:  On May 28, 1948, during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, old Jerusalem, which is now called the Jewish Quarter, was destroyed yet again, this time by the Jordanians.  The Jews were expelled and it remained in desolation until its reconstruction began in 1969.  However, this desolation will not actually be fully rectified until Jesus is officially anointed for the millennium.  1948 + 70 years = 2018.  However, 70 Biblical years of 360 days would point to 2017


11.    1967 AD + 48 to 50 Years:  Jerusalem, including the then-obliterated Jewish Quarter, captured by the Jews in the Six-Day War of 1967 + 1 Jubilee (50 years) = 2017.  IMPORTANT:  If 49 years of 360 days are added to June 7, 1967, it lands DIRECTLY on the Day of Atonement 2015 (to the day!).  This is a HUGE clue of when Jesus could be returning!!


12.    1967 AD + 48 Years:  The day after the capture of the Jewish Quarter, the PM of Israel issued a decree that it be rebuilt as soon as possible.  This decree was made on June 8, 1967.  Recall that Daniel's prophecy on the timing of the return of Jesus was divided into 7 + 62 weeks from the time of the decree to rebuild Jerusalem, not simply 69 weeks.  I have never seen a really good explanation as to why the 69 weeks was split into 7 + 62 weeks.  Perhaps we will soon find out why this was split?  Could it have been a hint at the approximate timing of His return, even though it was not a direct prophecy (or perhaps a hidden prophecy revealed only now)?  Obviously, I don't know the answer to this.  Regardless, 1967 + 7 weeks = 1967 + 48 (7 x 2520 days) or 49 (7 x 7 years) = 2015 / 2016.  But here is the amazing part; this ALSO lands DIRECTLY on the Day of Atonement 2015!!  How is this possible, given point 11 above and that the starting point is one day later?  This is because the Jewish day starts at sunset the DAY before!!  ANOTHER MASSIVE CLUE!!


13.    Jewish Year 5777:  Bible Numerology is a man-made "science" and should be viewed with a grain of salt.  In this "field", the number 7 is the number of God's perfection (which is why it is used so often in Revelation), wherein the number "777" represents Jesus / completion in an analogous manner to "666" representing the Anti-Christ.  It is rather interesting that the Jewish Year of 5777 starts on the Feast of Trumpets 2016 and lasts until the Feast of Trumpets 2017.  It is actually this interesting mathematical anomaly (along with the one shown in Point 14) that makes me feel that it is POSSIBLE that the Day of Atonement 2016 COULD be the end date (even though I am still more positive about the Day of Atonement 2015 because of the direct “hits” as shown in Points 11 & 12 above).


14.    Revelation 20:1-7:  First off, I fully acknowledge that the numbering system in the Bible is entirely man made.  However, it is interesting to note that the millennium is only described in detail in one place in the Bible and that is in Revelation 20:1-7.  It is even more interesting to note that 20:1-7 looks similar to the year 2017.  IF the Tribulation Period ends on the Day of Atonement 2016 and IF Jesus is anointed on the 8th day of Hanukkah, the 8th day of Hanukkah is January 1, 2017.


Interesting note on the 120 / 70 Years (points 7 & 9):  The 120 years from the resolution in 1897 outlining the desire for Israel to exist (conception of "last need") is analogous to the 120 jubilees from the sin of Adam and Eve requiring Jesus to be born in Israel to reconcile mankind from its sin (conception of "first need").  The 70 years from the resolution in 1947 giving birth to Israel (the "last birth") is analogous to the 70 jubilees from the time of the Exodus from Egypt to the birth of the nation of Israel (the "first birth")


The Math Part (don't worry, I'll keep it simple)


At first glance, someone could look at the above and ask - couldn't you just simply be forcing in and/or "making up" time lapses that make each event point to 2015 to 2017?  The answer is a resounding NO!!  To illustrate this is not the case at all; I have reiterated the points 5 to 12 above in order to elaborate on the significance of each time lapse as they relate to the time periods specifically outlined in God's Holy Word:


·              Events 5, 9 & 11 = 1517AD (Ottoman), 1917AD (British) & 1967AD (Jewish):  These 3 events are directly related to the last 3 times that the land of Israel / Jerusalem / Jewish Quarter actually changed ownership.  Each of these relate to the years 2015 to 2017 in increments of 49 to 50 years (10, 2 & 1, respectfully).  49 / 50 years is equal to the time God decreed to be a Jubilee wherein land was to actually change hands to the original owners (Leviticus 25:8,10).  The years 2015 to 2017 could, in theory, be the final land exchange, wherein the land would go back to the "Ultimate Original Owner" - Jesus.  Question:  What are the chances that the last three changes in ownership of Israel / Jerusalem / Jewish Quarter would all "randomly" relate to the year 2015 to 2017 by meeting God's Jubilee change over requirements?


·              Events 0, 6, 10 & 12 = 444BC (Jewish), 1534AD (Muslim), 1948AD (Jewish) & 1969AD (Jewish):  These four events are directly related to the various timelines outlined in the 70 week prophecy of Daniel 9.  The 444 BC event relates to the first return of Jesus after 69 "weeks" in 33AD.  The 1534AD event (non-Jewish) relates to 2017 after 70 "weeks" in 2017AD.  The 1948AD event relates to 2016 / 2017 after 69 / 70 years while the 1967AD event relates to 2015 / 2016 after 7 "weeks" (48 or 49 years).  Question:  What are the chances that the three Daniel 9 events related to Jerusalem / Jewish Quarter since the death of Jesus would all "randomly" relate to the years 2015 to 2017 in logical time increments as outlined in Daniel 9?


·              Events 7 & 9 = 1897AD (Zion Congress) & 1947AD (UN):  These two events are directly related to the establishment of Israel as a country for the Jewish people.  The 1897 event relates to the conception of Israel as a nation.  Genesis 6:3 outlines the maximum length of a life to be 120 years (which is backed by actuarial tables to be the maximum age of a life from conception).  The 1947 event relates to the birth of Israel as a nation.  Psalm 90:10 outlines the average length of a life to be 70 years (which is also backed by UN statistics to be the worldwide average length of life from birth - higher for developed nations, lower for third world).  Question:  What are the chances of the only two resolutions to ever be made since Jesus' death to establish Israel would "randomly" relate to the year 2015 to 2017 in the exact two lifespan amounts as outlined by God in Genesis 6:3 & Psalm 90:10?


It appears mathematically certain from the events outlined above that there is no other years than the years 2015 to 2017 that creates such incredible mathematical anomalies.  Indeed, even for just two of the eight events outlined above to "randomly" point towards 2015 to 2017 would be remarkable.  However, it is my opinion that simply believing that all eight events (and doesn't even include the other six indicators) pointing towards 2015 to 2017 is merely "random chance" would take immensely more faith than simply believing it to be the way God planned history to unfold before He even created Adam and Eve.


Indeed, the mathematical chances of all these events pointing to 2015 to 2017 randomly are astronomical and can be demonstrated as follows (Side note:  I believe that I am being very conservative and that the odds are actually much higher than those illustrated):


·              The chances of Israel being re-taken by the Jews is astronomical on its own since no other nation has ever been reborn, even for short exile times.  While I have limited the odds of this event occurring to only 1 in a 1000, I am positive that the odds are actually much higher than this


·              Assuming that Israel would be reborn (conditional probability), the chances of the other seven events relating to Israel's formation randomly occurring is not as unlikely, but still didn't HAVE to occur separately or at all.  While I have limited the odds of these events to both occurring and to do so separately to only 1 in 100, I am positive that the odds are actually much higher than this


For believers, the above two events are a given as we know God's Word said that these events would happen and will be discarded from the calculations.  In other words, given that these eight events "occurred", we will now look at the probability that these events could have all "randomly" pointed towards the year 2015 to 2017:


·              The three Jubilee occurrences are easy.  The chances of the three events relating to the Jubilee "randomly" landing on the same 50th year of 2017 are 1 out of 50 (years) each


·              The chances of the three Daniel 9 prophecy timelines relating to the year 2015 to  2017 "randomly" landing perfectly are 3 out of 2000, which I will round to 1 out of 500 for simplicity (Side note:  2000 comes from the 2000 year time lapse since Jesus)


·              The chances of the two advents of Israel relating to 70 / 120 years "randomly" landing perfectly on 2015 to 2017 would also be 3 out of 2000 (years) each, which I again round to 1 out of 500 for simplicity


To non-believers (events occurring plus 2015 to 2017 timing):  To non-believers, the above results in a mind-blowing probability = 1 out of 390,625,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 of all of these events occurring and for all of these events lining up with 2015 to 2017 occurring "randomly" ( = 1000 x 100 x 50 x 50 x 50 x 500 x 500 x 500 x 500 x 500).  This is equivalent to randomly being dealt a natural Royal Flush (without draw) four times in a row (for those who are unfamiliar with Poker, this is 10, Jack, Queen, King & Ace of the same suit)!  This is also equivalent to randomly picking heads or tails correctly 78 times in a row!


To believers (2015 to 2017 timing only):  To believers, the above results in a mind-blowing probability = 1 out of 3,906,250,000,000,000,000 of all of these events lining up with 2015 to 2017 occurring "randomly" ( = 50 x 50 x 50 x 500 x 500 x 500 x 500 x 500).  This is equivalent to randomly being dealt a natural Royal Flush (without draw) three times in a row!  This is also equivalent to randomly picking heads or tails correctly 62 times in a row!


Putting these odds into perspective:  To put these odds into perspective, drawing a natural Royal Flush is the hardest hand to get in Poker.  If you were dealt 650,000 hands, you could expect to only receive a single Royal Flush.  If you played Poker for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week and were dealt a hand every 10 seconds the entire time, this would equate to one Royal Flush every 181 days.  You would be required to play at this pace for 320,000 years to expect to see two Royal Flushes in a row just once (yes, that's over 50 times as long as the time since Adam and Eve were created).  It goes up rapidly from there:


·              You would be required to play at this same pace for over 200 billion years to expect to see three Royal Flushes in a row just once.  But here is the challenge!  You would need to correctly guess the exact 30 second span these three hands were dealt during that 200 billion year period.  Incredibly, even this would be a more likely feat than the eight events logically pointing towards 2015 to 2017 occurring "randomly"


·              You would be required to play at this same pace for over 136,000 trillion years to expect to see four Royal Flushes in a row just once.  Again, you would need to correctly guess the exact 40 second span these four hands were dealt during that 136,000 trillion year period.  Again, even this would be a more likely guess than Israel reforming and for the eight events to happen separately and for them to logically point towards 2015 to 2017 occurring "randomly"


As illustrated above, the probability of these events occurring with such precision being "random" is infinitesimal.  The only alternative is to acknowledge that God's hand is carefully shepherding the exact timing of these events!  In other words, it is my sincere belief that we are the generation that will see Jesus Rapture His Church...and soon.  While many, many on this site had a gut feel that this would be happening soon anyway, I thought you might all find it interesting to see that there is a mathematical reason that also "logically" points to why this feeling is justified.


Urgent note to the unsaved:  If someone handed you a gun and told you to play a game of Russian roulette, would you?  Of course not.  You wouldn't want to take even a 1 out of 6 chance of ending your life, which, compared to eternity, is like vapor.  And yet you are currently willing to take a much greater a risk with your soul, your spirit that lasts forever without end.   Where are you planning to be when you die?  There are only two alternatives.  Eternal torture in hell, separated from Jesus as you wished.  OR with Jesus in heaven, a paradise beyond imagination.  It's so simple - acknowledge you are a sinner, that you can't possibly reconcile your sinful nature with God on your own and that Jesus, and only Jesus, died for your sins as the Perfect Sacrifice to reconcile you with Him and that He has risen once again.  Now please, don't expect fireworks.  Being saved is not a feeling, it’s a process.  Don't expect thunder or lightning or even to feel different at all right away.  Please don't think that you will have to "give up" anything to follow Jesus, just focus on Him and nothing that happens later on or changes that you will eventually want to make will seem like a sacrifice at all.  Indeed, no life is whole unless you are living for Jesus - just give it time.  As a matter of fact, you can even keep your prayer asking for this as a secret from the person who sent you this analysis.  After all, you certainly don't want to give them the satisfaction that they've been right about Jesus after all of these years.  Just whatever you do, don't say, "sounds good, but perhaps later".  Do it NOW!! Jesus promises you that you will never regret your decision to follow Him, but you definitely will regret it if you don't.


May God Bless You All!!  For those who believe before it is too late, I will see you in the air…soon!  For those who waited too long, you will need to pray to Jesus for strength and guidance.  But even more importantly:  DO NOT take the mark of the Beast under any circumstances, even if your earthly life depends on it.  I am not sure the precise form this mark will be in, but you will know.  This mark will be instituted by the False Prophet (pope?  Muslim Imam?  Not sure who) on behalf of the Anti-Christ.


Your Brother in Christ, MathMan