Kevin Heckle (22 Dec 2011)
"Bruising the Serpent's Head in September 2015"

Bruising the Serpent's Head in September 2015
The “beast rising from the sea” mentioned in the Book of Revelation as I’ve asserted before is in reference to the astronomical constellation of Hydra.  The Grecian story of the Hydra describes a multi-headed beast in which Hercules finally severs the one immortal head to kill the Hydra.  John the Revelator, I believe, uses this mythical sky imagery familiar to the Grecian then and known still today to also tell us something regarding the end-times.  Interestingly, the time table that has been discussed here often places the second coming of Christ on or about September 23, 2015.  If you have read any of my previous articles in which I assert that the Biblical references to the ‘bright and morning star’ or ‘day star’ describing Jesus, uses the Greek word ‘phosphoros’ that His contemporaries knew as our planet Venus.  If the heavens have something to tell us regarding Jesus’ birth or His second coming the reference should first be Biblically based.  In Genesis 3:15, the first mention of the seed of a woman bruising the head of the serpent has been clearly established as referencing Jesus’ destruction of the Serpent’s head.
"[15] And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel." - Gen 3:15 KJV
I wondered if the final blow, when Jesus bruises the head of the Serpent at the end of the Great Tribulation, would somehow be reflected in the night sky.  I found that the planet, the ‘bright morning star’ Venus occasionally appears to loop backwards.  The phenomenon is known as ‘retrograde' motion.  Of course the planet does not really reverse course, loop and then return to the forward direction.  However, because it orbits the sun faster than we do it regularly appears to stop, reverse and then loop back forward from our slower perspective.  On July 1, 2015 Venus will appear to merge with Jupiter the King planet just as it begins to descend below the elliptic.  19 days later it halts its forward motion EXACTLY in alignment with the star Regulus, the Lion Prince (of Judah?) and the new moon. In fact, the new moon will eclipse Venus just as it stops its apparent forward motion.  Venus then over the next few months appears to reverse, descend and loop around the HEAD OF HYDRA as if to sever it.  The bright morning star will appear to approach the closest to the Head of Hydra on September 6, 2015 upon which it also appears to return to the normal forward motion.  Venus returns to the ecliptic in conjunction again with Jupiter the King planet on or about October 25, 2015.  Now this apparent motion of the bright morning star (rep. Jesus) bruising the head of the serpent Hydra (beast rising from the sea) only occurs at such a close approach every 243 years, in the truest sense for another 1215 years based on the cyclic 5 stations about the 360 degrees on which Venus' precession revolves.  The occurrence of the King planet conjuncting with Venus at the same time doesn’t occur for another 486 years.  To also be eclipsed by the new moon, well I couldn’t find another occurrence.  This apparent loop, in a specific area of the sky does occur every 8 years for a while, but the motion precesses a full degree every 3.33 years making the appearance come and go peaking every 1215 tropical years actual.  So it is a pretty rare event!  Needless to say the event in 2015 centers around the September timeframe reckoned (by some here) second coming of Christ. 
Easter Rapture?
Some have also noted that 1260 days before the September 23 ‘Day of Atonement’ in 2015, reveals an April 11, 2012 must-start- date of the Great Tribulation, if true.  Fortuitously, 4/11/2012 falls only 3 days after Easter.  Easter 2012 is not a date I was looking for, but found that it was the specific date indicated by a method that I saw in Daniel’s prophecy of the ‘time, times and a half’.  I have posted several articles on the method.  The simplest to understand is by the two specific numbers 1290 and 1335, which added together equal 2625.  The Hebrew calendar is lunar.  February 14, 2012 is exactly 2625 LUNAR years from the specific stated date (Julian 1525759.5) of Daniel’s prophecy in the final chapters.  While the 1260, 1290, 1335 and 2300 days are literal, I believe they also reveal a code to determine exactly what was meant by the long time frame of Daniel’s ‘time, times and a half’.  A date reckoned by the pentagonal cycle of Venus, using his numbers, very nearly falls on Pentecost 2012.  The average of these two dates separated by 108 days falls precisely on Easter 2012, which is 3 days before the 11th frequently talked about here.  Could the rapture/resurrection occur Easter Sunday 2012? It is possible.  Only the Lord knows.  However, the ‘coincidences’ are compelling.
Kevin H.