Charles (10 Dec 2011)
"Red Alert Blood Red Moon over Israel means psalm 83/84 war one week!"

I have been feeling something major was going down all day just not what. Literally sick to my stomach the bittersweet feeling in the bible when John was told to swallow!

Well when I just about could not take anymore I asked God what was up because my heart felt like it was going to fail me.

This post on Rapture Ready ties in everything we have all been seeing! The USA and Canada made agreement today also in border security cooperation as well. When you see this and understand the profound implications of what it means and how few will notice or understand you must get this out!

I was curious what others had to say about this?
via Lisa Dennis-Sparks
I'm so excited, I'm about to jump right out of my skin!! I'm about to share something INCREDIBLE with you that God showed me this morning!!

I was looking at the article from Israel National News that describes the lunar eclipse that is coming over Israel this weekend. There are LOTS of lunar eclipses, but not like this one. This one is over Israel, is a full moon, falls on a sabbath, and happens right at sundown where EVERYONE in Israel will see it. It lasts for 26 minutes so they can't miss it.

I knew in my Spirit that God was trying to tell me something. Lunar eclipses foretell things about ISRAEL, and solar eclipses foretell things about other nations. So I go back and look up solar eclipses with these same characteristics and what I found is ASTOUNDING!!! This type of lunar eclipse has happen three previous times in the last 100 years. They happened in 1948, 1967, and 1973!! If you know your history, you know that these dates are all dates of every war Israel has fought since her birth in 1948!!! This eclipse is announcing another war - this time it's the Ezekiel 38/Psalms 83 war that we've been expecting to blow up anytime now. Every single one of these wars started ONE WEEK TO THE DAY after their corresponding eclipses. So, am I saying that this war is going to break out one week to the day after this eclipse happens this weekend?? Yes, I think that's what God is showing us.

Remember that these wars were ALL VERY SHORT. This one will be very short also. What's SO INCREDIBLE also is that the treaty that ends this war is the one that starts the tribulation period. WOW~~~!!!!

Any clue how close that puts us to the rapture? It's finally time to get excited!!!!

(Cafe Astrology reports on the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse: when they occur. ... Apr 23, 1948 8:28 AM Sun 3 Tau 18 Opposition Moon 3 Sco 18(LE) May 8, 1948 .... May 9, 1967 10:55 AM Sun 18 Tau 18 Conjunct Moon 18 Tau 18(SE) Oct 18 ... Jan 4, 1973 10:42 AM Sun 14 Cap 10 Conjunct Moon 14 Cap 10(SE) Jan 18 ...)