Wade Balzer (29 Dec 2010)
"[Revelation2217] To see with the EYES of Eagles... AMAGING!"


I do not know how well the eagle sees, but we know it can see a rabbit a mile away, and chase after it.


I came across a website that has a picture of Yosemite in 17.27 gigapixels.  To put that in perspective, it would take 8400 40” HDTV’s at 1080p to display every pixel and it would be larger than a football field.




There are 5 pictures with information about each picture.  To view in HD View using Silverlight, click the link:




Use your mouse scroll wheel to Zoom in and Out.


On a side note, I noticed that the picture size 17.27 gigapixel matches the BCV (Book Chapter Verse) # of Esther 2:7.


Esth 2:7

And he brought upH539 HadassahH1919, that [is], Esther,H635 his uncle'sH1730 daughter:H1323 for she had neither fatherH1 nor mother,H517 and the maidH5291 [was] fairH8389 H3303 and beautiful;H4758 H2896 whom Mordecai,H4782 when her fatherH1 and motherH517 were dead,H4194 tookH3947 for his own daughter.H1323


Hebrew Strong’s # 1919 = Hadassah


Webster’s Vol 2 Word # 1919 = Mite




Actually the word, Yosemite, refers to the Indian tribe who lived in the valley.  They called the valley Ahwahnee, meaning “Large Mouth”.


Perhaps this valley could be remind us that:


Ps 81:10

I [am] the LORDH3068 thy God,H430 which broughtH5927 thee out of the landH776 of Egypt:H4714 open thy mouthH6310 wide,H7337 and I will fillH4390 it


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