Vicki (11 Dec 2010)
"Vision received on 11-01-10"


Dear John and Doves,
On Monday Nov. 1 2010 I was deep in prayer, crying out to God on behalf of our nation. All of a sudden I was standing before God. Not in front of Him, but off to the side. He was seated, and I was to His right, facing Him. Others were there too, standing by me ,although I didn't look around to see who they were, I felt their presence. It was sort of "foggy" there. Not fog as we know it but pure white, almost like a Holy smoke. The feeling was that of Awe, Holiness, Reverence and it was completely quiet.I just stood there, amazed by what I was seeing, and feeling totally humbled in the presence of God Almighty. I noticed others there too. They were standing opposite me but more in front of Him. At that moment God "STOOD UP". Immediately I was on the ground, along with those who were standing next to me. We were face down before our Creator. I had no control over what had just happened to me. The fact that God had just stood up, was SO powerful, we were unable to stand. The feeling I had was that of fear and trembling. Not the "afraid" kind of fear, but a Holy fear.I noticed that those who had been standing opposite me did not fall down, as if they "belonged" there, and were aware of what was going on. I on the other hand, along with those beside me, were allowed to be there  for a brief moment as witnesses to what just happened and we were on the ground. Just that quick it was over. I was back at my kitchen table with my head still bowed. I had a sense of "uh, oh something HUGE is coming". Almost like a feeling of judgement. The only words I was able to utter were "God did I just see You stand up, did You arise or rise up like I remember reading in Your Word?" "God if this truly was from You and I did indeed see You arise or rise up please confirm it with Your Word". The next morning God gave a confirmation!! He told me to read Isaiah 28.( I had absolutely no clue what was in Isaiah 28) I began reading Isaiah 28 and there in verse 21 was the confirmation."The Lord will RISE UP as He did at Mount Perazim, He will rouse Himself as in the Valley of Gibeon--- to do His work, His strange work,and perform His task, His alien task."     WOW!!!  Although this was a huge conformation, God knows I always need  at least 3, this way I know without a doubt it is from Him. On Wed. Nov. 3, God told me to read Psalm 7 and also Psalm 10. The other 2 confirmations. Psalm 7:6 "ARISE, O Lord, in Your anger; RISE UP against the rage of my enemies. Awake, my God; decree justice." and Psalm 10:12 "ARISE, Lord! Lift up Your hand,O God. Do not forget the helpless".   Only God can confirm in this way:) Then as an added bonus, on Nov. 3, I received a post card in the mail, I about fell over when I read the verse on it ...."You will ARISE and have compassion on Zion, for it is time to show favor to her; the appointed time has come."  Psalm 102:13    I don't know what's coming or when, but I do know it's going to be HUGE and possibly soon. From these verses it almost sounds as if God Himself is about to start fighting against Israels enemies. AND GOD DOES NOT LOOSE!!!!!
When I saw God stand up, there was a silent thunder, it was if He was saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!   ( I as a mere human can NEVER EVER "put words into Gods mouth") Did I hear Him say enough is enough? No not at all. Did I sense this? Yes. And now God has even confirmed this . While reading John Hagees new book "Can America Survive?" Chapter 12 on page 240 has a subtitle........ God releases His wrath against Israel's enemies: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  
 Yes our time is short, PLEASE PLEASE keep praying for the lost. Our greatest desire should not be for the rapture to happen so WE can get "outa here". It should be that multitudes upon multitudes will be presented as a Beautiful Bride to our King. We LOVE Him so much!! We should never be disappointed when "rapture dates" come and go. We should be excited and filled with joy, in the fact that each day more and more of the lost are being found and our precious Savior will some day be presented with the BIGGEST, HUGEST( is this a word?) BEST BRIDE POSSIBLE!!!  Shouldn't we want the best for Him?
     In Christ,