Tony Ellsworth (15 Dec 2010)
"December 21st - 25th 2010"

This date is the 42nd anniversary of the launch of Apollo 8.  Apollo 8 on December 24th orbited the moon for the first time in man's history.  Faithfully, it chose to acknowledge our Heavenly Father and His creation by reading Genesis 1:1-10.  The next day they were sued by an aethiest and by the time Apollo 9-11 happened (the 1st 9-11 U.S. tragedy) it was declared " giant leap for mankind."
December 21st is the solistice, which is the darkest day of the year.  Death.  Three days later is Christmas Eve and is the day we acknowledge "Immanuel."
This year is a full lunar eclipse over North America.
The generations from Abraham to Jesus were 42, and also it was 42 years that Saul reigned before David.
Two years ago I had sincerely hoped for the Rapture on the 40 year anniversary.  Yet, as Ron Reese has pointed out, there is a two year delay.  Joseph interpreted the baker and the cup bearer, only to wait two more years.  He revealed himself to his brothers two years after the famine started.  The Church has waited two (thousand) years.
Here is the site with the free eBook I wrote on the subject:
Also, I believe that the image that Daniel saw gives us a clue as well..  The two legs and ten toes.  The two legs stand for 2,000 years and the toes 10 years = 2010.  The stone carved without human hands I beleive is the moon.
Tony Els