Tina A (22 Dec 2010)
"To Steve Mullin, Wade , Chris, Yona & Jerry G."


I totally agree !! About lyrics to all sorts of songs ! I read over your list. They were so interesting. I love music very much, not just one kind. But many types for different moods I guess. But I wanted to send you Some I found that i think fit your list of secular songs that are very double meaning.....I mean, could be used for the world to "see" Jesus. I know that many Love song's can carry over. I am in No way, Romanticizing our relationship with The Lord, (like switch the word *baby* in the song I am sending) 
But I think you will find them very "cool' in the context of songs for the lost, after we go ?

1st.- "Dream on" (by Aerosmith) but this one is sung by a Kelly Sweet. ...... The line : Maybe Tomorrow the good Lord will take you away "   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksaHZZmOa8g

2cnd - Josh Groban (Not a Christian) "To Where you are "  http://www.youtube..com/watch?v=tTdqdOC2DtI

3rd- Very interesting song by singer that is "goth", But the words are for a searcher :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fknpcEnbGro

4th-  Yes famous Celine song (many of her's could be very spiritual :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpZkY47-cVI

And this next song I wanted to share because of Wades letter on Breath. 3 inches. Air. God giving us "AIR" to breath. Life. Without Him We can't go on... My daughter told me it was a huge hit in the 90s (after my time) But I Love it !!!  :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIU0BzsWyak

Yes, I know there are many Christian songs with the word "Breath" in them that are excellent. I was just writing to you, Steve about secular song's. Yes, God created music in the first place. Satan is always copying or stealing. But the world, wants Love most of all to. And will always try and search for this. Because God made them in "His Image" so their spirits long for perfect Love and relationships. I am sad for the lost to, and wish they all could KNOW the truth of God's Love and not look" in all the wrong places." (=

Chris K., Yona was right ! Your voice was perfect without music. It was like you could hear music behind you on your video. God has gifted you, Just like David. Maybe God is giving you The real Tunes David sang to his psalms?  So that brings me to Jerry Gilbert's vision. I think Jerry, God did something to you like He has done with Chris K. In his testimony that he wrote a few days ago ? And maybe many others in secret, that edify their souls to give them strength to carry on to the end ? Because like Kelly Herman said in her last post. Praises are where the power comes from in us, through us, over darkness.

Tina Abrams