Suzi (28 Dec 2010)
"Re: Prayer Request....yes, typo! DAUGHTER!"

I think I was also thinking of the fact that my son was traveling, even though they were only going a short ways!

My daughter and future son in law arrived safely in Washington...but not without a 'close call'. They witnessed an accident happen right in front of them on the snowy road about an hour and a half from Jonathan's parent's house. They actually had debris from the damaged cars hit the undercarriage of the rental car they were in! They stayed at the site after calling sounded like no one was hurt too seriously. So, thank you for the prayers (even those who may have thought I was asking for blessings on an unBiblical 'couple'). I guess I need to ask someone else to proof my stuff, since I always seem to make huge typos...and don't see them since my brain knows what I meant to write! heh.

For future reference, (cuz I talk/write incessantly about my kids), I have 3, my oldest is a boy (well, technically a MAN), who has a long term girl friend and lives about 2.5 hrs from us. We don't get to see him that often since he works full time in the Computer Security field, teaches, and is still taking classes. He's almost at a place financially to officially propose to his girlfriend who lives with her family in a town about 45 mins. from his apt.

My second child, the daughter who is engaged, lives near us, in a shared apartment. She and her fiancee are living proof that chastity and true love can coexist. None of their friends (even the Christian ones) believe that they are remaining sad.

My youngest daughter is back home after living in a shared house on the college property where she goes to school. It was cheaper for her to pay the very low rent there than to risk the drive (23 miles one way) in the fog each year. But the school only rents the house out to students 2 years at a time, and since she started taking classes at 17, and is 22 now, she's still taking classes to get degrees other than the Liberal Arts and Construction Technology ones she has. She's finishing up her Theater Arts degree now. She's going to continue living at home and taking classes there so she can have more experience 'crewing' plays, and lately, she's taken an interest in acting. She always wanted to be 'behind the scenes', but just finished playing a lead role in a local production at our community theater. She has a best friend who people assume is her 'boyfriend', but he is gay (although, hanging with her, he is living a chaste life, as my daughter is proudly, as she puts it 'the anti-stereotype' of the Christian, Conservative Virgin!). So, please keep her friend in prayer also. He's not happy at home (he's hiding the fact that he is gay from his family), but feels a sense of freedom that we know, and still love him. He's aware that we feel/believe that the ACT of homosexuality is a sin (just as much as if one of our kids engaged in sex outside of marriage would be). But he knows that he is loved and accepted as one of the family. I honestly believe that his is a 'birth defect', he's the youngest of a very large family, and I've notices that alot of very feminine men are what I call 'old eggs', with parents that much older.

It's very funny, maybe a Feudian Slip that I miswrote that message, because this young man has been on my heart. He is very unhappy, and I would love for him to come to God completely and understand that he is loved unconditionally by our Savior. As long as he finds companionship, friendship and a social outlet with my daughter, I'm hoping he does not fall prey to the enemy leading him into any 'relationships'. I've "joked" with my daughter, that 'we need to get that boy saved, then pray the rapture comes soon'...I want him to be happy...but I know he's got to face facts that even though he was 'born that way', he can't believe the lie of the world that it is 'normal'. I liken it to me and my bad eyes. I was born with poor vision...but I can't go driving my car without my glasses...sometimes we just have to accept the defects that come with living in a fallen world. He may find guys sexually attractive, but he should not act on those urges...because THAT is the sin. I wish for him to accept Jesus, and have those 'feelings', removed, or dulled or whatever...and I wish for him to feel HAPPY and fulfilled, and know that he is part of the BRIDE!

So, sorry for the long novel here, but I'd been thinking about writing about this I guess it was the right time. Again, please pray for my kids as they are driving back home on New Year's Eve (not a safe travel day), and pray for all my kids in their relationships, school, work...for them all (even my 'acquired child', as I call my daughter's friend), to be safe, happy and fully committed to the Lord. Thanks!