Suzi (25 Dec 2010)
"Agree 100% Frank!"

But, I'm actually wondering if, like the manifestations, the porn isn't just a 'symptom' of the 'sickness'...which is of course, unclean spirits! This demon had a strong hold, used the porn to 'grow'. People need to realize, in witchcraft they have a very similar thing as 'when two or more are gathered' (remember, Satan cannot create, he only uses/steals, what God has made). This phenom is called a 'cone of power'. Usually it take THREE (there 'he' goes again, ripping off, huh?), "like-minded" people to raise this 'energy'. So, literally, all it would take would be 3 people in that area, utilizing the same sources or vice (in this case pornography), and this demon would get stronger and stronger. The funny (not in the 'ha ha' way) thing about demons...they are like unruly children...they crave attention, and love to cause discord. So, yes, you will see the manifestations of the 'infestation'. Sometimes it's harmless (seemingly), but other times you get the 'bully' aspect with people being hurt or nearly hurt. This is all every 'haunting' is. Demonic activity. And using anything that is not 'of God', is 'against God', and yep, even those touchy feeling earth majik types who consider themselves 'white wiches' (of which I was one), don't really get that they are 'serving' another master...and folks, no matter what 'they' say, there are only TWO possibly 'masters' out there! Yes, Satan can draw you away and make ANYTHING 'your god' (money, power, porn, food, the list is endless...even without the obvious "religions" attached)...he will do everything he can to keep a person from worshipping the ONE TRUE GOD.

This is a great story Frank, to show just how powerful the name of Christ is in these situations. Just like the bratty kid who loves to jump on the couch and make a mess, they don't realize that mom/dad can walk in any minute and put the smack down on them. They are so caught up in the moment, they don't see the possible future. Good thing we DO know 'the end of the story'. huh?

Blessings to all!

Merry Christmas!