Suzi (22 Dec 2010)
"To Barry & all Doves re: 'bride' and comparison w/ Adam & animals"

Very interesting experience Barry. I think this might be a good witnessing tool for homosexuals. Since, as you say, it was not really a 'gender' issue, but a 'rank' or maybe like a 'caste' system...either way, it's knowing where one fits in the grand scheme of things.

Also, about Adam and the animals...

I've always taught my kids that I believed God brought the animals to Adam first to show him how we are to be with these lessor beings, they need us, they rely on us (as we do with God), but yet, they are not quite 'enough' for us. I believe they are a way to teach us to be ready for 'the real thing' when it comes along. Yes, I believe this was a teaching tool for Adam, and for us. My kids learned about the responsibility that comes with keeping they are like the training wheels on a bike. If you can love, care for and protect a pet, it will help you grow into the nurturer/caregiver you need to be later in life when you are entrusted with a mate and children.

God is the same, yesterday, today and forever...but Man does go through mini-evolutions...we grow and change...over time as a whole, and individually as people.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I am seriously thinking of showing my daughter so she can 'witness' to her best friend. I think he will very much like the idea of being a 'bride'...and as long as he refrains from acting on his 'natural' impulses, and holds out and remains celibate, I do not have to fear for him. I am waiting for the light bulb to go off and see his full acceptance of the reality of Christ and His love for him (no matter what his biological 'defect').

As an aside, please pray for the homosexuals out there, good people, confused and mislead by a society that tries very hard to encourage their behavior as 'normal'. They need to know the truth and accept things as they are. I liken it to my bad eyes. I was born this way...but I'm not going to try to drive my car with my glasses to prove that I am 'normal' with poor vision.