Stefen L (24 Dec 2010)
"Pinpointing The Timing Of End Time Events"

Hi Doves,
I think that we can sometimes be too objective in trying to determine the "exact" time of end time events, or pinning one event on another. For instance, "the rapture has not occurred therefore the tribulation has not yet started", or "the two witnesses spoken of in Revelations testify for 3.5 years, therefore their testemony MUST begin "at" the middle of the 7 year tribulation". I feel that the 3.5 years the two witnesses are here on earth can start anywhere within the 7 year tribulation and not necessarily in the "exact" middle of the tribulation...this view is not contradicted by scripture.
The events and judgments recorded in Revelations are in chronological order, but doesnt necessarily mean that they fall within exact increments. Think of the tribulation as a long dark tunnel. You see the entrance of the tunnel from outside and can see its darkness. As you enter the tunnel it gradually gets darker, but some light from outside still illuminates it a bit. As you go further into the tunnel it gets progressively darker until no light can be seen and anything can happen...its gradual. Thats how I suspect the tribulation to be...its a 7 year period that gradually gets worse and worse, darker and darker until Christ shows up at the end. Everything in Revelation is in chronological order, but not necessarily within exact, measurable increments, unless it specifically says so, such as in Daniel, "but in the middle of the week he shall cause the offering to cease"...that is definite. But to assume that the rapture occures on day #1 of the tribulation, or that the two witnesses begin their testemony on day #1 of the middle of tribulation doesnt make sense and is not specifically validated by scripture. If we hold to that view our assumptions about the exact timing of events fails.
I believe that the rapture will ultimately happen on the feast of trumpets, because biblically this is the only logical feast day that would be unfulfilled by Christ up until that point; He's already fulfilled the first 3, the Holy Spirit fulfilled the 4th feast at pentecost, the last 2 feasts are fulfilled by Christ at His second then what about that 5th feast of which no one can know the day or hour??? Now, does it happen on day #1 of the tribulation? Or before the actual judgments begin (remember, once you enter the 7 year tribulation "tunnel" its not absolutely dark YET!) So this suggests that the rapture could occur any year before the seals, trumpets, and bowls begin...they dont necessarily have to begin on day #1, but they will occur "within" this span of time...
The timeframe for the judgments is not defined, but only presented in chronological order, occurring "within" the tribulation...I think attempting to set dates based off of events that dont have any definite dates or increments is confusing.
Im still sticking to the Sep. 23, 2015 deadline...why...because that is the only scripture that gives us a definate time table that you can measure; "from the going forth of the command to restore and build Jerusalem"...which occured on June 7, 1967, and ends on a Jubilee year. Now as to when certain events occur during the final 7 years of that period is anyones guess.
Things are getting gradually worse. Euro collapse vs. dollar collapse vs. middle east war vs. korean war vs. world war vs. china imploding vs. unemployment vs. martial law vs. concentration camps vs. eclipses vs. catastrophic solar storms vs. you name it vs. the end...its comming to a head...and dont be surprised if one thing sets off a domino affect which progresses with rapid succession...with rapid succession...with rapid succession...then...the rapture.