Sentinel (Randy) Kulp (29 Dec 2010)
"Melissa Costa "A Question . . ."

The Holy Spirit convicted me to get rid of the TV about twenty years ago. Shortly after I noticed my perspecitve on things started to change. I was able to see and understand things in Scripture that I was not able to previously. And, I was better able to see how the spirit of the world was moving, using the medium of TV to saturate the world with concepts shrouded in darkness.
In recent years, when there is an opportunity to see what is happening with TV,  like when I stay in a hotel, I have noted a definite degradation in the content of the programs. I have also noticed that my ability to detect what the spirits of the world are presenting through the scripts is much more acute. Overall, I find that most of the content is filled with spirits of confusion, and deception, and many other fowl things. But I would point out, many of the same spirits are also being conveyed through the movies hollywood is making. I cannot count how many times in the past two decades that I have watched a movie and sensed the activity of the some of the same spirits, or similar spirits, mentioned above.  
Rejoice Melissa. It would appear the Holy Spirit is opening your spiritual eye to the spirits that are being presented through the worldly medium of TV. And pray for the many unsuspecting Christians who are being influenced by such ungodly material.
May God send more showers of His grace to see,
Sentinel Kulp   
Dear Doves,
I am not a fan of current television programming, so I often watch DVDs from earlier time periods: Andy Griffith, Wagon Train, etc.  I have noticed a distinct difference in how I "feel" after the program is over (even during it).  The "newer" shows agitate me and make me uneasy (beyond the programming).   The "older" shows seem to have a calming effect on me and my family.
Do you think that they could be adding something to the soundtracks that irritates us at a level we do not perceive?  I have found this to be the case time and time again with older shows and the newer shows.
Anyone know anything about this?