Scott Card (27 Dec 2010)
"The Coming Economic Collapse"

I find it curious that we make fun of those who believe in the coming economic collapse, but many of us continue to predict the date of the coming rapture!  For all those who have been wrong up until now about the coming economic collapse, there are just as many, if not more, of those who have been wrong every time about the coming rapture!

Economy is simple..  You work, you get paid according to the value of your work.  It doesn’t matter if you get paid in money, gold, food, tactiles, etc.  The bottom line is you have earned it by participating in the productivity of society.  When a man’s pay is converted into paper (dollar bills, stocks, derivatives, etc.) things get very complicated.  Ultimately, the complication is intentional to hide a lot of corruption going on by the big traders.

So here we are trying to find honest work that rewards us according to the value of the work we have performed so that we can live normal lives of food, clothing, shelter, and raising families.  Am I the only one who has noticed that this simple concept is getting harder to live by everyday?

Keep it all in perspective.  There is plenty of work that needs to be done.  And there are plenty of people willing to do the work.  THAT IS A HEALTHY ECONOMY.  But if the leaders of countries around the world insist on maintaining their continual corruption, the opportunity for decent work will continue to pay less than the worker’s value.  And that is a recipe for economic collapse.

Also, the rapture is not promised by our God in order to give us a pass on hard times.  The rapture is a sign to the world that Christ’s ambassadors have been called home.  We expect to be spared the tribulation because that will be God’s time of punishment on the earth.  Until then, it is unreasonable for us to think we are exempt from hard times.  We might even see an economic collapse.

Our duty is to pray continually and remain busy doing our Lord’s work.  We’ll get the call home when God is good and ready.