RWAL (31 Dec 2010)
"The 1440 1460 & 1480 Harvesters 2368 and 2012"

Hi John & Doves,

I am a farmer and have been reading 5 Doves letters since I got my first computer in the winter of 1997.
For those who have not been involved with farming a combine is a self propelled grain harvesting machine. It picks and threshes the
crop as it moves through the field, storing the grain in a tank so it can be unloaded into a truck at the end of the field.
In the late 70s early 80s the International Harvester Company introduced a revolutionary new design of combine called the axial flow.
Grain was threshed by moving in a spiral around a rotor from the front to the back. There were three models called the 1440, 1460 and the 1480. My father and I bought one of the 1440s nearly thirty years ago and it is still in use.
After discovering the 5 Doves site I became intrigued by the choice of numbers used in these three models of combines. I learned that there are 1440 minutes in a day and that 1480 was a gematria for Christ. I couldn't figure out how the 1460 fit in so I contacted Bob Ware and he noticed something. The sum of 1440 1460 and 1480 = 4380. 4380 - 2012 = 2368 a gematria of Jesus Christ. A harvest clue perhaps?